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Cost of Studying in Ireland for Nigerian Students

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Blog Summary Information on the expenses associated with studying in Ireland for Nigerian students is provided.

Studying abroad can be expensive for international students, but Ireland stands proud and different from the rest of the countries by providing affordable education. One of the biggest reasons for this is the shorter course duration. Compared to the two-year graduate programs in most countries, Ireland offers graduate programs that can be completed within 12 months. This option for affordable education, along with the opportunity to study in some of the top institutions in the world like Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork etc., make Ireland a top pick by international students. However, before you proceed to study in Ireland, there are a few things you must be clear about, and among them comes the cost of studying in Ireland. Suppose you wish to understand the cost of studying in Ireland. In that case, it is better to read further.

Cost of Studying Undergraduate Course in Ireland

The average cost of an Undergraduate course in Ireland is EUR 9000 to EUR 50,000. This can vary considerably depending on your course, university and place of residence. As with most other countries, Arts and Humanities courses are cheaper in Ireland when compared to Engineering, Business Administration and Medicine. The following table gives an overview of the famous universities, courses and average tuition fees.

S. No.

Name of University

Program & Course

Average Tuition Fees (in EUR)

Average Tuition Fees (in NGN)


Trinity College Dublin

BSc in Environmental Science & Engineering

EUR 28,449

NGN 1,19,98,386


University College Dublin

BA in English, Drama & Film

EUR 20,700

NGN 87,28,935


Dublin Business School

BA (Hons) Financial Services

EUR 10,244

NGN 43,18,089


National College of Ireland

BA (Honors) in Psychology

EUR 10,593

NGN 44,65,201


Griffith College

BA in Business

EUR 20,538

NGN 86,57,082


National University of Ireland Galway

BA in Children & Youth Studies

EUR 16,957

NGN 71,47,493


University of Limerick

BSc in Digital Media Design

EUR 17,893

NGN 75,41,986


Dundalk Institute of Technology

BA in Theatre and Film Practice

EUR 10,356

NGN 43,66,562


Letterkenny Institute of Technology

BA (Hons) in Design

EUR 10,581

NGN 44,60,765


IBAT College Dublin

Bachelor of Business

EUR 3905

NGN 16,46,526


Cost of Studying Postgraduate Course in Ireland

You should expect an average tuition cost between EUR 9500 and EUR 34,500 for a Postgraduate course in Ireland. Naturally, this can vary significantly based on your course, university and place of stay. You can bring down this cost by applying for scholarships  and other financial support. The following table will help you further understand the idea of cost of Postgraduate courses in Ireland.

S. No.

Name of University

Program & Course

Average Tuition Fees (in EUR)

Average Tuition Fees (in NGN)


University College Dublin

MSc in Computer Science

EUR 15,609

NGN 65,78,285


Trinity College Dublin


EUR 38,481

NGN 1,62,18,067


Dublin Business School

MBA Finance

EUR 13,176 

NGN 55,53,637


National College of Ireland

MSc in Data Analytics

EUR 15,609

NGN 65,79,138


Griffith College

MBA in International Business

EUR 14,561

NGN 61,35,206


National University of Ireland Galway

MSc (Business Analytics)

EUR 19,228

NGN 81,03,482


Dublin City University

MSc in Bioprocess Engineering

EUR 23,071

NGN 97,22,307


University of Limerick

MSc in Project Management

EUR 17,057

NGN 71,87,959


Technological University Dublin

MSc in Finance

EUR 17,319

NGN 72,97,203


University College Cork

MSc in Food Science

EUR 33,864

NGN 1,42,72,985


Average Cost of Studying in Ireland

The average cost of studying in any country is dependent on a wide range of factors like the place of stay, lifestyle etc. It is essential to have a good idea of the likely expenses that will come your way before you shift to Ireland. This will help you manage your finances so that you do not suffer in the end. Given below is a list of some ordinary expenses and their average amount.


Average Amount (in EUR)

Average Amount (in NGN)

Bachelor’s degree tuition fees

EUR 9000 - EUR 50,000

NGN 37,89,912 - NGN 2,10,55,065

Master’s degree tuition fees

EUR 9500 - EUR 34,500

NGN 39,99,951 - NGN 1,45,26,139

English proficiency test fees

EUR 187 - EUR 210

NGN 80,000 - NGN 90,000

University application fee

EUR 50

NGN 21,057

Visa fees

EUR 60

NGN 25,268

Health insurance

EUR 500 - EUR 1000

NGN 2,10,570 - NGN 4,21,139

Living expenses

EUR 650 - EUR 1000

NGN 2,73,746 - NGN 4,21,139

Flight tickets

EUR 834

NGN 3,51,237


List of Universities in Ireland and their Tuition Fees

Ireland has some of the best universities and colleges in the world. It is always a good option to study in the country. You will find affordable and expensive universities, and you can apply to the ones you seem fit. It will be helpful for you to know the tuition fees of some of the popular universities in the country.

Name of University

Average Tuition Fees (in EUR)

Average Tuition Fees (in NGN)

Trinity College Dublin

EUR 7884 - EUR 35,800

NGN 33,18,090 - NGN 1,50,62,636

University College Dublin

EUR 6840 - EUR 26,400

NGN 28,77,889 - NGN 1,11,08,974

National University of Ireland, Galway

EUR 16,216 - EUR 23,666

NGN 68,23,603 - NGN 99,58,522

University College Cork

EUR 16,080 - EUR 22,130

NGN 67,65,699 - NGN 93,11,251

Dublin City University

EUR 6900 - EUR 25,000

NGN 29,03,192 - NGN 1,05,18,810

University of Limerick

EUR 6968 - EUR 13,140

NGN 29,32,154 - NGN 55,29,350

Maynooth University

EUR 10,000 - EUR 17,000

NGN 42,08,129 - NGN 71,54,578

Technological University of Dublin

EUR 13,500 - EUR 27,000

NGN 56,82,116 - NGN 1,13,64,231

Athlon Institute of Technology

EUR 6250 - EUR 10,000

NGN 26,29,808 - NGN 42,07,692

Griffith College

EUR 11,000 - EUR 14,000

NGN 46,27,075 - NGN 58,89,004


English Proficiency Test and their Registration Fees

Every non-native speaker of the English language is required to take an English Proficiency Test and submit the score to the universities they are applying to. You have a variety of tests to take, and most of them will be accepted by the universities in Ireland. However, not all universities accept all tests; you must check before taking the test. A few universities do not ask for an English Proficiency test either. 

A few standard tests and their test fees are given below: 

Name of Test

Registration Fees (in NGN)


NGN 78,000


NGN 75,580


NGN 65,000


NGN 20,516


NGN 1,45,000


How much is Ireland Visa Fee?

The Ireland student visa is nothing but a permit for an international student to study in the country. Every student is required to have one to study in Ireland. If your course duration is less than 90 days, you must apply for the C Study Visa. If you want to study in Ireland for more than 90 days, you must have a D Study Visa. The student visa fee can come to around EUR 60. You will have the option to pay your fee online or at the nearest visa application centre, or through a bank transfer.


How much is private medical insurance in Ireland?

Students from all non-EU countries are not covered in the Irish health insurance scheme. You will have to take one from any provider like Irish Life Health, Laya Healthcare, VHI Healthcare etc. It is always advisable to have health insurance coverage because the medical expenses will be very high otherwise. You can get an Irish student visa only after you have health insurance. The average cost of the same can be from EUR 500 to EUR 1000.


Cost of Living in Ireland

When you decide to shift to a new country, the first step is to keep money aside for your living expenses. You must expect around EUR 650 to EUR 1000 per month for your living expenses. This is dependent on your area of residence, lifestyle etc. Apart from your tuition fees, accommodation is one of the biggest expenses you can expect. You must plan your finances well so that you need not have to worry about anything once you start living there. If you wish to know more about the costs of living in Ireland, you can read our blog on the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average cost of undergraduate courses in Ireland for Nigerian students?
The average cost of an undergraduate course in Ireland for Nigerian students ranges from EUR 9,000 to EUR 50,000.
Which English proficiency tests are recognized by Irish universities for Nigerian students?
Irish universities recognize tests such as IETLS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, and ACT. However, it's essential to check specific university requirements as not all tests might be accepted everywhere.
How much does a student visa for Ireland cost for Nigerian students?
The Ireland student visa fee is approximately EUR 60.
Is health insurance mandatory for Nigerian students studying in Ireland?
Yes, non-EU students, including those from Nigeria, need to have health insurance when studying in Ireland. The average cost ranges from EUR 500 to EUR 1,000.
What are the general living expenses for Nigerian students in Ireland?
Nigerian students should budget for living expenses of around EUR 650 to EUR 1,000 per month while studying in Ireland.

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