Study in Australia from Nigeria
Study in Australia from nigeria

Study In Australia From Nigeria

Australia, one of the epic education destinations, is the land of paradise with so many attractive tourist places. The country is a perfect place for people who love to explore the world's natural beauty, as it is filled with so many exotic locations ranging from stunning wildlife, breezy beaches, calm islands to marvellous buildings like the Sydney Opera house, etc. Moreover, the Australian people are so welcoming with a love of outdoor activities like camping, trekking, hiking, snorkelling and many more. Australia stands tall on the educational front by owning over 11,000 institutions and 22,000 courses to offer. Most of its universities rank top in the QS world ranking system making it the third most popular education destination.
Australia has over 20 international universities, thus attracting over 35,000 international students every year. The country offers the best academic environment encouraging students to study and gain practical knowledge. They are also often encouraged to challenge professors to be confident in their approach. Thus by studying in Australia, international students have a lot of advantages. They have access to many part-time jobs and scholarships. They need to pay less tuition fees, making it the perfect dream education destination for international students to study in Australia. All these factors also help students from financially backward countries like Nigeria and Tanzania to study in Australia to successfully commence their careers. Eventually, studying in Australia from Nigeria has become an achievable dream for Nigerian students and many international students coming from financially backward countries.

Why Did You Choose To Study In Australia?

There are many reasons why an international student would select Australia as their study destination. So here we share the top reasons why Australia has become the hotspot for overseas students after the US and the UK. Since English is the mainstream language of conducting education, it is also another reason for students to choose to study in Australia. Many other languages are also prevalent in the Australian country, like Greek, Italian, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese, which makes it also a Multilingual country, making it easy for other country’s citizens to communicate and have a successful career easily. Let us now see the top reasons to study in Australia for International students.

  • Top-level universities - As we saw before, Australia has one of the best universities ranking high in the QS ranking. It has 43 universities in total, out of which 40 is Australian, Two international and one private university.
  • Diverse Culture - Australia is not home to one particular culture but many. The diverse culture helps you not get easily bored of the country, instead feel excited and keep you on your toes as some celebrations are happening in the country all seasons of the year.
  • The Stunning Outdoors - If you are a travel enthusiast, you will fit in the Australian country. You have many places to explore from the beaches to mountains, oceans to galleries which keep you occupied in your holidays.
  • Straightforward Student Visa - It is easy to get an Australian student visa if you have the proper and correct documents. Also, students need to get their medical insurance when applying for the student visa.
  • Internships - Many universities in Australia offer students the chance to practice internships as part of the course. So if this benefit interests you, be sure to check the same in your desired university.
  • Dynamic City Life - The city life in Australia will be as colourful as you can expect. You can travel to neighbouring cities easily as the Australian transportation system has been upgraded to high-tech. So you can be confident you can have an experience of a lifetime with so many memories to cherish.

Being in Australia, you can also expect to experience the diverse wildlife, the outback bushes and the distinguished architecture, which will steal your attention. For international students in Australia, it will be like living their best days of life and creating some good memories to cherish.

How was the Education System in Australia?

The Education System in Australia is like any other education system elsewhere. Also, it is the same across all states and territories of Australia. The Education System in Australia is broadly classified into four categories.





6 to 13

Kindergarten to Standard 7


14 to 16

Standard 8 to 10

Senior Secondary School

17 to 18

Standard 11 and 12

Tertiary Education

From 18

Includes both Higher Education (College) and Vocational Education and Training (VET).

What are the Admission Requirements in Australia

The admission requirements for getting into the Australian universities vary depending upon the study program you choose. The English Language Proficiency exam (IELTS, TOEFL) scores also vary for each type of degree. The admission requirements or the admission procedures also vary from university to university. So it is better to do a thorough study or research on the admission requirements before planning your overseas education travel. Still, we will provide you with general conditions that are most commonly expected from the Australian Universities.
  • To get admission to Diploma Courses, students need to score 60% marks in their Secondary school of education, XIIth.
  • Admission to Bachelor’s degree will require students to score more than 65% marks in their twelfth examination.
  • Admission to Masters’ degree requires students to have completed their three-year Undergradudation degree.
  • In some situations, the Australian universities expect a qualification level equivalent to their Bachelor’s (Honors) level. Completing degrees like B.A(Honors), (Honors), B.E and B.Tech of four years will be sufficient.
  • A university degree from a top Indian university is expected most of the time by Australian universities.
When you are applying for a course, you must submit your class Xth, XIIth and UG degree certificates and the application form.

What are the Exams required to study in Australia?

To study in Australia, you need to pass specific exams. These are English proficiency exams that test your English skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. You need not take all the exams but must attend one of the exams and score the average band or score.



Average Band or Score


International English Language Testing System



Test of English as a Foreign Language

60 to 90


The Pearson Test of English

50 to 64


Certificate in Advanced English

169 to 176


Occupational English Test

A or B

What are the best Universities In Australia?

Now let us see the top ten universities in Australia for international students to study. Along with the listing, we have also given the QS ranking system for all universities.

Australian Rank

Global Rank




Australian National University



University of Sydney



University of Melbourne



University of New South Wales



University of Queensland



Monash University



University of Western Australia



University of Adelaide



University of Technology, Sydney



University of Wollongong

Study in australia
Cost of living in australia

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Australia?

The average cost to study in Australia depends on the study programs and the university/college you choose. Because each university charges differently for the same course depending on their university infrastructure, lab facilities, library, food, transportation, etc. 

Study Program

Fees Cost (AUD $) Per Year

Secondary Education

$ 7800 to $ 30,000

Undergraduate Bachelor Degree

$ 15,000 to $ 33,000 per year

Post-graduate Master’s Degree

$20,000 to $37,000

Doctoral Degree

$17,000 to $37,000


$15,000 to $20,000

Cost of Living in Australia?

The cost of living in Australia varies from city to city. It also depends on the life you choose for yourself in the country. So we are listing the average cost of living in Australia after researching so much about it. The cost of living in Australia is precisely mentioned in the table below.


Average Living Costs (AUD $) Per Week

Groceries, and Living costs

$ 80 to $280

Gas and Electricity

$35 to $140

Phone and Internet

$20 to $55

Public Transport

$15 to $55


$150 to $260


$80 to $150

Cost of living in australia
Scholarships in australia

Scholarships for International Students in Australia

Below are the Scholarships for International students in Australia provided by both the Australian Government and Private Universities. Students can utilise the scholarships to access ample funds and monetary benefits.

  • Australia Awards Scholarship
  • Endeavor Scholarships for Post Graduate Degree
  • International Post Graduate Research Scholarship
  • International Research Scholarship by the University of Sydney
  • International Scholarship by Macquarie University
  • Scholarship by University of Melbourne
  • Scholarship by University of Adelaide
  • Scholarship by Flinders University

How Health Insurance Works in Australia

To stay in Australia; International Students need Health insurance coverage. The Insurance is called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This OSHC will help the students throughout their stay in Australia get medical aid and service without any trouble.  Students need to purchase their Health insurance before departing their country or can get health insurance through their education providers. There is also an exception for certain country citizens like Belgian Students, Swedish students, and Norweigan students. The Australian government takes care of their medical aid through particular health insurance policies.

Currently, there are five organisations in Australia that offer Overseas Student Health Cover to International Students.

  • Australian Health Management
  • BUPA Australia
  • Medibank Private
  • Allianz Global Assistance
  • Nib OSHC
This is how Health Insurance works in Australia. To need more info students can explore our blogs on Health Insurance Coverage in Australia.
Health Insurance in australia
Australian Visa

How can I get a Student Visa for Australia?

To get a Student Visa in Australia, students need to follow a specific protocol regulated by the Australian Government. Below are the steps students need to follow to get their Students Visa for Australia.

  • Apply to a University or College in Australia and get a CoE.
  • Open an account with the Australian Migration Authorities.
  • Convert all the necessary documents into PDF format to be easy for you to send them as a digital file.
  • Fill out the Visa application Online.
  • Pay for the Visa and get the TRN Number.
  • Do the health checkup and attend the health interview.
  • Get your Visa

What are the Best Courses in Australia?

There are many courses to study in Australia to commence your career. You can also get a PR, Permanent Residency by studying those courses with high value and recognition in Australia. We are listing some of the top or popular courses to study in Australia with national recognition and international/global acknowledgement or value.
  • Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Nursing
  • Medical
  • Computer and Information Technology (IT)
  • Education and Teaching
  • Automotive
  • Trade Qualifications
  • Dentistry
  • Business Management
  • Architecture
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • Social Work
Australian Visa Requirements
Australian Visa Requirements

Study, Work and Live in Australia

To study, work and live in Australia, we have seen the necessary documents to be submitted. Along with that, to sustain themselves in a foreign and well-established country like Australia, students need extra income. Some of the part-time jobs available in Australia to earn a considerate amount of money are,

  • Tutor
  • Waiter
  • Baby Sitter
  • Salesperson
  • Customer Service Executive

If you have any queries related to education in abroad in any of the countries like the USA, the UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia, contact AECC one of the best educational consultancies and we can provide you with all the assistance that you may require in fulfilling your dreams.


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