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Avail upto 50% Scholarships to Study Abroad.

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Note: An important point to note is that 100% of Scholarships are not awarded to international students. The awarded scholarships offer upto 50% reduction in the cost to study in your desired study destinations. Hence, it is advised that you produce all the necessary documents and academic transcripts to avail of the eligible scholarships.

Study in Australia for Nigerian Students

Australia, one of the epic education destinations, is the land of paradise with so many attractive tourist places. The country is a perfect place for people who love to explore the world's natural beauty, as it is filled with so many exotic locations ranging from stunning wildlife, breezy beaches, calm islands to marvellous buildings like the Sydney Opera house, etc. Moreover, the Australian people are so welcoming with a love of outdoor activities like camping, trekking, hiking, snorkelling and many more. Australia stands tall on the educational front by owning over 11,000 institutions and 22,000 courses to offer. Most of its universities rank top in the QS world ranking system making it the third most popular education destination.
Australia has over 20 international universities, thus attracting over 35,000 international students every year. The country offers the best academic environment encouraging students to study and gain practical knowledge. They are also often encouraged to challenge professors to be confident in their approach. Thus by studying in Australia, international students have a lot of advantages. They have access to many part-time jobs and scholarships. They need to pay less tuition fees, making it the perfect dream education destination for international students to study in Australia. All these factors also help students from financially backward countries like Nigeria and Tanzania to study in Australia to successfully commence their careers. Eventually, studying in Australia has become an achievable dream for Nigerian students and many international students coming from financially backward countries.

Key Facts to Study in Australia

Languages Spoken

English and French

Cost of Study 

AUD 20,000 - AUD 45,000 (annually)

Sources of Funding 

Scholarships, Aids, Part-time jobs 

Exams Required 



Diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate 


February, July and November


Subclass 500 Student Visa 

No matter your interests—engineering, business, the arts, science, medicine, or any other field—Australia has a wide selection of programmes to match your goals. You may follow your passion and customise your education to meet your unique professional objectives with more than 22,000 courses offered by over 1,100 institutions. Due to the flexibility of the Australian educational system, you can study interdisciplinary techniques and integrate several academic fields, which encourages creativity and innovation.

Benefits of Studying in Australia

You might be thinking, what are the advantages of studying in Australia as an international student from Nigeria? Why do so many international students choose to study in Australia, you might wonder. The question actually should be, “Why not?”. It makes perfect sense for young and aspiring students to choose Australia as their ideal study destination when there are top universities there that are ranked among the top 100 universities in the world, offering not only the best education but also the best in accommodations, food, culture, lifestyle, and the biggest of them all, security and safety.

Australia's educational system combines experiential learning with modern learning environments.

Australia's educational system combines experiential learning with modern learning environments.

Australia seeks to create a secure and peaceful environment for everyone and welcomes overseas students without prejudice or discrimination.

Australia seeks to create a secure and peaceful environment for everyone and welcomes overseas students without prejudice or discrimination.

Students can work part-time while studying for a maximum of 40 hours during their course and can work for an unrestricted number of hours during vacations.

Students can work part-time while studying for a maximum of 40 hours during their course and can work for an unrestricted number of hours during vacations.

Depending on their educational backgrounds, Australia offers PSW opportunities to its graduates, with employment lasting up to three years.

Depending on their educational backgrounds, Australia offers PSW opportunities to its graduates, with employment lasting up to three years.

Australia offers first-rate health care to both its citizens and international students alike.

Australia offers first-rate health care to both its citizens and international students alike.

Internship opportunities are available to students at all 38 prestigious Australian institutions.

Internship opportunities are available to students at all 38 prestigious Australian institutions.

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Top Courses to Study in Australia

If you are an international student aspiring to pursue your higher education abroad, “What are the top courses to study in Australia?” might have crossed your mind at some point. Australia offers several enticing educational opportunities that can shape your future. You can find study options across all disciplines and streams, which you may select based on your preferences. The average annual tuition fee for students in Australia ranges from AUD 20,000 to AUD 60,000, and this takes into account your choice of course, programme, and university.

As an international student who is considering his or her alternatives,  the abundance of options in degrees, graduation certificates, and disciplines might seem overwhelming. To make your search for the right course easier, we have listed below some of the most popular courses to study in Australia:

Names of Top Courses to Study in Australia 

Average Annual Tuition Fee (in AUD)

Business Administration and Management 

AUD 30,000 - AUD 60,000

Computer Science and Information Technology

AUD 30,000 - AUD 45,000


AUD 20,000 - AUD 35,000

Environmental Science 

AUD 25,000 - AUD 40,000


AUD 35,000 - AUD 50,000

Finance and Accounting 

AUD 30,000 - AUD 45,000


AUD 40,000 - AUD 55,000


AUD 55,000 - AUD 80,000


AUD 25,000 - AUD 40,000


AUD 30,000 - AUD 45,000

Interesting, isn’t it? Want to learn more about the best course you can pursue in Australia?Then, visit the link below to discover more about the top programmes for Nigerian students in Australia!

Top Universities In Australia

Australia can be considered to be an educational paradise housing some of the world's top universities, serving as beacons of intellect and inspiration. These prestigious universities not only have high rankings but also provide a vibrant and varied environment that fosters brilliance and offers aspiring brains the tools they need to succeed. These esteemed institutions provide a transformational experience that goes beyond traditional education,  thanks to their state-of-the-art research facilities, illustrious staff, and dedication to academic rigour. We have compiled a list of a few of the Top Australian Universities for International Students to help you save time while deciding on your higher education.

University Name 

University Popular For

QS WUR, 2023

THE, 2023

University of Melbourne 

Leading University is known for Research and Teaching.



Australian National University (ANU)

A renowned Public Research University best known for Research, Teaching, and Small Classes.



University of Sydney 

Leaders in Education, Research, Student Experience, and Graduate Employability.



University of Queensland (UQ)

Known for its Teaching Excellence and has Won Most National Teaching Awards than any other Australian University.



University of New South Wales (UNSW)

A Public University, part of the Group of Eight AUS. Universities, Ranked #1 for Research Quality and Impact.

Most known for interdisciplinary research on Inequality and Climate Change.



Monash University 

Most well-known for Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science under Life Science and Medicine.



University of Western Australia (UWA)

Renowned as a Research-Intensive University across a range of Disciplines.



University of Adelaide 

The 3rd oldest university in Australia that is centred on Discovering New Knowledge, Pursuing Innovation and Preparing Educators of Tomorrow.



University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Well-known among the top institutions globally in 27 of 51 subjects, including: - 

Nursing, Art & Design, Sports, Library & Information Management, Law, Accounting & Finance, Business & Management Studies, Communication & Media Studies, and many more. 



University of Wollongong 

Established an excellent reputation for Teaching and Learning across 4 Faculties: 

Arts, Social Sciences & Humanities, Business and Law, and Engineering.



By now, it is clear that Australia is a land of academic excellence, where knowledge meets innovation and vibrant cultures collide!

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Requirements for Studying in Australia

To study in Australia as an international student, you must first fulfil a few prerequisites. We have compiled below a list of important documents that you need to possess to start your application process. Though most of these will be required, there may be some variances depending on the university you apply to.

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • CV/Resume 
  • English Proficiency Test Scorecard 
  • All Academic Transcripts
  • Subject-Specific Test Scorecard

Even if you are able to compile these papers, it is likely that it will be a tiresome operation that will take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, to guarantee that you are successful in creating a decent SOP, LOR, etc., ask for assistance from a professional to make your work easier, complete them with professional aid, and prevent the inconvenience of having questions about your papers.

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When applying for an Australia Study Visa, or Subclass 500 visa, there are a few mandatory documents that you must send along with your application, among other documents. Make sure to have these on hand when you apply for the programme and university of your choosing.

Birth certificate

Birth certificate

Proof of Address

Proof of Address

Academic Documents

Academic Documents

Proof of temporary stay

Proof of temporary stay

Health insurance

Health insurance

Valid Passport

Valid Passport

Proof of previous employment

Proof of previous employment

Bank statements

Bank statements

IELTS or TOEFL score report

IELTS or TOEFL score report

Proof of Finance

Proof of Finance

Always keep in mind that you will need to provide the institution with evidence of your English competence if you are not a native speaker. For this, a certificate stating the passing of a certified English language test that has been approved by the university must be included with the application. Most, if not all, colleges in Australia and other English-speaking nations advocate taking the English language proficiency tests, such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc. So make sure you're in touch with the institution in a timely manner and that you receive the right English language exam and submit it with your application.

Please ensure you provide updated certificates for your academic credentials and do not fabricate any paperwork to prevent needless delays.

Intakes to Study in Australia

Australian universities offer multiple intakes throughout the year, ensuring that students can embark on their educational adventure at a time that suits them best. With the number of applicants to Australian universities soaring each year, the quest for enrollment has become an exhilarating race. So to stay ahead of this competition, it is essential as an international student to be aware of the various intakes periods in Australia. The table below will give you a comprehensive overview of the semester intakes and the deadlines to apply, which hold the key to unlocking a world of educational possibilities. It all then comes down to which intake you want to choose to kick-start your academic journey.
Semester Intake Deadline
February October or November
July April or May
November September
As a note of advice, we urge you to keep track of the application and deadlines for admissions to your desired universities to ensure you are ahead of other applicants who aspire to study in Australia!

Cost of Studying in Australia

One of the biggest financial expenses while studying abroad as an international student is covering the tuition fees. The cost of studying in Australia for international students varies depending on the type of qualification you pursue and the university or school you choose. Interestingly, degrees in veterinary medicine tend to come with a significantly higher price tag compared to other fields of study. Let's delve into the fascinating realm of estimated tuition fees for various educational programmes.

Type of Programme

Average Tuition Fees (in AUD)


AUD 4,000 - AUD 8,000

Undergraduate Degree

AUD 20,000 - AUD 45,000

Postgraduate Degree

AUD 22,000 - AUD 50,000


AUD 30,000 - AUD 60,000

Need a helping hand to sort out your living costs in Australia? Contact a counsellor at AECC for expert assistance and get your study abroad journey underway!

Scholarships To Study In Australia

Universities in Australia value high-performing students and provide a variety of scholarships to support the smartest and brightest students from across the globe to study in Australia. As an international student, you can discover several scholarships to study in Australia that are offered and supported by the Australian government, public institutions, and other private colleges for international students who qualify. These scholarships have different qualifying requirements and financial awards. To guarantee that your financial burden is minimised to the greatest extent and that you gain the maximum profit, make sure to verify which scholarships you qualify for.

Scholarships To Study In Australia

Eligibility Criteria 

Australian Government Research Training Program (AGRTP)

All students pursuing Master’s and Research programs are eligible

Australia Awards

All students from Asia, Africa, the Pacific and the Middle East

Endeavour PG Scholarship Awards

All international Master’s and PhD students are eligible

You can always get the most recent details on any of the aforementioned scholarships, bursaries, or financial awards by contacting aecc. Don't delay in registering with us to receive all the information you want right now.

Cost of Living in Australia

With a host of compelling reasons to pursue education inside its boundaries, Australia has for long been enticing students from all over the world. However, the incredible lifestyle it offers is without a doubt the most alluring feature. The unmatched assurance offered by Australia's education system is another one of its distinctive qualities that sets it apart from others.

Australia has seen a considerable increase in the number of international students enrolling recently. As an aspiring student, it is essential to be aware of the cost of living in Australia so that you can plan your expenses accordingly. Living in Australia's capital city often costs more than living elsewhere; the cost varies depending on the region of Australia you choose to reside in and where your preferred university is. The table below will give you a brief overview of the cost of living in Australia for an international student.

Type of Expenses 

Average Monthly Cost (in AUD)


AUD 500 - AUD 1000


AUD 450 - AUD 1200


AUD 30 - AUD 70


AUD 150 - AUD 300


AUD 600 - AUD 800

Need a helping hand to sort out your living costs in Australia?
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Post-Study Work Opportunities in Australia

As an international student, you can find abundant opportunities for post-study work in Australia. You can find prestigious organisations across diverse industries and sectors, presenting you with a fantastic launchpad for your professional journey. It's worth noting that many organisations initiate their graduate recruitment efforts well in advance—sometimes more than a year ahead of the program's commencement. Therefore, it is crucial that you plan and prepare ahead to ensure you don't miss out on these exceptional opportunities.

When seeking out graduate programs, GradAustralia emerges as a valuable resource to navigate the Australian job market. Additionally, you can also explore various job search platforms such as Adzuna, Career One, Explore Jobs, Grad Australia, Seek, and Student Job Australia to uncover a range of graduate openings tailored to your interests and aspirations.

Before you embark on the post-study work hunt in Australia, it's essential to verify your eligibility for the appropriate visa category that permits you to stay and work in the country after completing your studies. To ascertain your visa requirements and rules, a visit to the Department of Home Affairs website will provide you with the necessary clarity. Among the available visa options, the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) stands out as a favourable choice. This visa allows you to enjoy temporary residency in Australia, granting you the opportunity to live, study, and work in the country following the successful completion of your studies. It helps open doors to a vibrant and dynamic professional landscape, offering you valuable experiences to enrich your career trajectory.

The tiny table we've included below will help you understand the median yearly pay you can expect to make after working in some of the most in-demand industries in Australia.


Average Annual Salary (in AUD)

Business Management

AUD 70,000

Education and Training

AUD 75,000


AUD 80,000

IT & Computer Science

AUD 90,000

Statistics and Data Science

AUD 145,000

We hope to have covered all the important information that you, as an international student, seek to know before you embark on your journey to study in Australia. This blog aims to be a  comprehensive resource for all your study abroad queries. You can get more information or clarification on any of the above-mentioned topics by contacting experienced professionals aecc, who can give you the most recent information. We can offer you full support in any process you may need help with in your application to study in Australia. All of our services are offered for FREE.

Frequently asked questions

What Are The Top 5 Colleges In Australia?

The top 5 colleges in Australia include:

  • Australian National University (ANU)
  • University of Sydney 
  • University of Melbourne 
  • University of New South Wales 
  • University of Queensland

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