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We just hit ‘Refresh’! AECC Global is now ‘aecc’

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Blog Summary AECC Global, established in 2008, has rebranded to "aecc". Initially assisting students with Australian education aspirations, AECC expanded globally, serving over 50,000 students from 42 offices in 15 countries. In 2022, a new logo was introduced, and 'Global' was dropped from their name, emphasizing a 'student-first' approach and commitment to innovation.

Just like humans, organizations grow too. Like a beautiful infant that grows physically and intellectually to become a well-rounded adult, brands grow with time in several ways.

Starting out as a simple service provider in the industry, a small team worked hard, seized the right opportunities and ascended to become an industry leader. They distinguished themselves from the rest through the high empathy they had for their customers, the honesty that lay at the heart of their service and their team that worked with love towards achieving their noble mission. They grew by constantly setting and achieving new benchmarks for themselves, the industry and its stakeholders. They helped thousands realise their dreams of a brighter and more beautiful future. It's more than just growth; it's evolution.

This is our story - the story of AECC Global, your favourite study abroad partner since 2008 who henceforth will be called aecc. Yes, as we step into the next grand phase of our journey in the international education industry, this rechristening is not only inevitable but also the beginning of many larger things to come.

When we started out in 2008 as Australian Education Career Consultants, our goal was to help students aspiring to study abroad from across the globe achieve their study and career goals in Australia. As we grew from there, our geographical presence widened, esteemed university partners came aboard, our processes got faster and smarter, and the unique blend of our talented team & technology strengthened our core. But, our services, as always, got more and more humane. Since we are a part of one of the most vibrant industries of current times, we stay young, indulge in the trend, hang out where our students hang out and speak their language. In order to stay relevant and relatable, we understand that it's important to introspect often and adapt to the times.

In 2014, we refreshed our brand for the first time. This helped us attune ourselves to a world where high-speed internet was accessible to almost everyone from anywhere on the globe, and social media had started to influence our lives in ways we had never imagined. We embraced this change with open arms and leveraged its power for the last 8 years to serve over 50000 students with their study abroad dreams. In this decade, we expanded rapidly across 15 countries with 42 offices, built a diverse international team of 400+ people, and established revolutionary technology and digital marketing teams and platforms to take our service to our customers where they are and how they like it to be.

We stayed ahead of the curve, reimagined processes, braved the mightiest of storms, especially the pandemic and still continued to steer forward. Today, we are proudly one of the fastest-growing international education consultancy companies in the world. It has been 5000+ days of a wonderful journey.

Now, in 2022, we are hitting the refresh button one more time. So, as the first step, we make certain changes in our look and feel to start with: A cooler colour palette, a sleek logo and dropping the word 'Global' from our name. These are not an attempt to look just aesthetically pleasing but to reflect our transformation as an organization and a brand. This change essentially means AECC is intending to best serve the global student community with a strong 'student-first' approach.

We listen, hear, speak, advise, and function like your trusted friend and this brand refresh is a crucial step in echoing the same at every digital and physical touch point. We want to instil hope in every aspiring international student and give them the message - "the future you imagine is closer than you think". We will continue to improve our services, introduce newer and better products and solutions, and pioneer in adopting newer spaces like web 3.0 for our services etc. Reimagining ideas is in AECC's DNA, and we will leverage this superpower to make the study abroad dreams of every student from every part of the world a reality.

Change is progress. Change is beautiful. Change is inevitable. In line with this truth, here's us undergoing an invigorating, timely change in our perennial pursuit of excellence. We're now, just aecc - your simple, friendly and accessible study abroad consultants.

From one point to another, travel along with us towards the future you imagine.

It all starts somewhere. So, start with aecc

Frequently Asked Questions

We just hit ‘Refresh’! AECC Global is now
AECC Global underwent a rebranding to reflect its transformation as an organisation and a brand. This change signifies AECC's intention to best serve the global student community with a strong 'student-first' approach. The rebranding includes a cooler colour palette, a sleek logo, and dropping the word 'Global' from its name.
What was AECC Global's journey since its inception?
AECC Global started in 2008 as Australian Education Career Consultants with a goal to help students aspiring to study abroad in Australia. Over the years, they expanded their geographical presence, partnered with esteemed universities, and leveraged technology to enhance their services. By 2022, they had expanded across 15 countries with 42 offices, built a diverse international team of 400+ people, and served over 50,000 students.
How has AECC Global adapted to the changing times?
AECC Global has always been keen on introspection and adaptation. In 2014, they refreshed their brand to align with the digital age, leveraging the power of high-speed internet and social media. They have consistently reimagined processes, braved challenges like the pandemic, and stayed ahead of the curve.
What does the rebranding signify for AECC's services?
The rebranding is not just an aesthetic change but reflects AECC's transformation. They aim to function as a trusted friend for students, instilling hope in every aspiring international student. AECC will continue to improve its services, introduce new products and solutions, and adopt newer spaces like web 3.0 for its services.
What is the message AECC wants to convey with this rebranding?
AECC wants to convey the message - "the future you imagine is closer than you think". They aim to make the study abroad dreams of every student from every part of the world a reality.

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