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Ireland Scholarship Process

Avail upto 50% Scholarships to Study Abroad.
Simplify Your Ireland Scholarship Process
Avail of upto 50% Scholarships to Study Abroad.

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Note: An important point to note is that 100% of Scholarships are not awarded to international students. The awarded scholarships offer upto 50% reduction in the cost to study in your desired study destinations. Hence, it is advised that you produce all the necessary documents and academic transcripts to avail of the eligible scholarships.

Scholarships in Ireland for Nigerian Students

Pursuing higher education in Ireland is affordable for many international students but not for everyone. While tuition fees vary between universities and programs, there are opportunities for scholarships in Ireland that help offset the costs. With a multitude of scholarships available, ranging from government- to university-sponsored ones, it is no wonder that many Nigerian students eye Ireland as their dream study destination. Scholarships to study in Ireland for Nigerian students offer them an incredible opportunity to explore the rich history, culture, and academic excellence of the Emerald Isle.

Eligibility criteria and application processes differ between scholarships, so exploring various options can greatly assist you in funding your education in Ireland. But understanding the vast landscape of scholarships can be daunting, which is why we have crafted this guide tailored to our Nigerian audience.


Types of Scholarships in Ireland for Nigerian Students

Ireland, renowned for its welcoming nature and rich educational history, offers various scholarship types. Having various types of scholarships in Ireland benefits international students, as it offers them diverse opportunities to secure funding for their education. These scholarships cater to different backgrounds and needs, ensuring their access to a wider range of audience members. This fosters inclusivity and allows students to choose the scholarships that best align with their strengths and aspirations. These encompass the following:

  • Government-funded scholarships: Irish government-funded scholarships stand as a testament to the country’s commitment to nurturing global talents and fostering international relationships.
  • Non-government-funded scholarships: There are scholarships at non-profit organisations, private entities, and international bodies in Ireland. These non-governmental offerings enrich the Irish scholarship landscape while catering to a wider range of students.
  • University-funded scholarships: The academic realm in Ireland showcases its dedication to excellence through university-funded scholarships. Many universities in Ireland offer not only government scholarships but also their own financial aid options.

Each scholarship type has its own criteria and rewards, but all of them aim to help students achieve their academic dreams in Ireland.

Which are the Popular Scholarships to Study in Ireland for Nigerian Students?

Nigerian students get to benefit from many scholarships in Ireland, thanks to the strong diplomatic ties between the two nations. Selecting one from a list of popular scholarships to study in Ireland is crucial for Nigerian students, as it offers them a great path to financial support and academic excellence. These scholarships cater specifically to Nigerian students' needs and aspirations, ensuring them a smooth transition and integration into the Irish education system. Making the right choices allows Nigerian students to tap into a proven avenue that maximises their chances of a successful and fulfilling educational experience in Ireland.

  • Government of Ireland Scholarships: The Irish government offers non-EU students scholarships that aim to attract top foreign nationals to realise their higher education dreams in Ireland.
  • Ireland Fellows Program: This program provides opportunities for students from eligible developing countries, including Nigeria, to pursue postgraduate degrees in Ireland. The government provides complete funding for the program, which operates under the guidance of the Department of Foreign Affairs. The relevant Embassy, accountable for eligible countries, oversees program management. The Irish Council for International Students lends support to the implementation of the program within Ireland.
  • Walsh Scholarships: Teagasc's postgraduate development initiative, the Walsh Scholarships program, engages around 140 students in pursuing PhD in Ireland. Teagasc allocates  €3.65 million as the dedicated annual budget for the program, providing support for up to 35 new positions every year.
Trinity Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships: Trinity College Dublin offers scholarships to non-EU students. The scholarship value is applicable as a tuition fee reduction for the freshman year of a specific undergraduate course at the college. Anyone who has non-EU nationality status and pays the tuition fee at Trinity's non-EU rate can apply for one of these scholarships in Ireland.

Government-Funded Scholarships in Ireland for International Students

Government scholarships offer valuable opportunities for international students seeking financial support to pursue their education in Ireland. The Irish government funds scholarships that underscore the nation's commitment to attracting international talents and fostering global educational exchange. The products aim to attract top-tier talents from around the world and promote cultural diversity at  Irish academic institutions. The following table presents details about various government
scholarships for Nigerian students in Ireland.

Name of the scholarship


Average scholarship amount (in Euros)

Ireland Fellows

Postgraduate students in specific fields and from specific nations

Varies by course

Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship

Students in select courses


This table represents only a portion of Irish scholarships for Nigerian students. Contact AECC for a list of the best scholarships.


Irish University Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Irish universities offer a range of scholarships to attract and support international students, including those from Nigeria. These scholarships aim to recognise the academic excellence, leadership qualities, and diverse backgrounds of students. The following table presents an overview of various scholarship opportunities available at Irish universities for international students, with specific details on eligibility.

Name of the university

Name of the scholarship


Scholarship value (in Euros)

University of Dublin

Global Excellence Scholarship

Academic excellence

Partial and full tuition fee discounts

University College Cork (UCC)

SLLC Excellence Scholarship

Masters student

Open to non-EU applicants as well

EU tuition fee waiver

Trinity College Dublin

Global Excellence Scholarships

Academic achievement

Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Up to €5000

The University of Galway

International Scholarships

Academic merit

Varies by program

Dublin City University

DCU Humanities and Social Sciences Bursary

Postgraduate courses in the humanities and social sciences

€2000 off non-EU tuition fee

It is important to note that there are more requirements to qualify for the above scholarships and that actual amounts are likely to differ in the future. Why? Because the data available at the time of writing forms the basis of the above amounts, universities are likely to change their scholarships down the line.

Need more information on Irish scholarships for Nigerian students? Contact AECC today!

Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in Ireland for Nigerian Students

There are scholarships in Ireland that allow international students to study at the undergraduate level in a more affordable way. These scholarships aim to recognise academic achievements, develop international diversity in Ireland, and promote cross-cultural exchange. They offer financial support to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other benefits. Aspiring students can explore a variety of undergraduate scholarship options available at Irish institutions, including the following:

  • Global Excellence Scholarship at University College Dublin: All eligible full-time program applicants are welcome to apply for the Global Excellence Scholarship at University College Dublin. UCD funds this scholarship with the goal of attracting outstanding candidates. Prospective students with an existing offer or a conditional offer of study at the college can apply for it.
  • DCU Merit Scholarship: Dublin City University grants partial scholarships based on academic merit to select foreign students. After submitting your application as a foreign student at DCU, the university will automatically assess your eligibility for a scholarship. The university will notify you about your scholarship approval while communicating the outcome of your course application.
  • Global Excellence Undergraduate Scholarships at Trinity College Dublin: The college in Dublin offers scholarships that allow applicants from outside the European Union to pursue specific undergraduate degrees. The maximum scholarship value for an undergraduate program at the college is 5,000 euros.
  • Global Achievement Scholarship at the University of Galway: The University of Galway proudly provides eligible international applicants with the Global Achievement Scholarship, featuring a reduction of €2,000 from freshman year undergraduate tuition fees. The university awards the scholarship based on academic performance and a personal statement, thereby eliminating the need for a separate application.

Master’s Scholarships to Study in Ireland for Nigerian Students

Ireland offers an array of scholarships to support international students, including Nigerian scholars, in pursuing master's degrees. These scholarships recognise academic excellence, promote international student diversity at Irish institutions, and facilitate the exchange of knowledge. Nigerian students can also explore various scholarship opportunities available at many Irish universities to embark on a master's degree journey, including the following:

  • Global Excellence Postgraduate Scholarships at Trinity College Dublin: This college in Dublin provides scholarships that enable non-EU applicants to pursue specific postgraduate degrees. The scholarship value for a postgraduate program at TCD is €2,000 to €5,000 in the freshman year of study.
  • Global Excellence Scholarship at University College Dublin: University College Dublin (UCD) stands as a premier global institution and holds the distinction of being the popular choice among international scholars in Ireland. UCD annually presents multiple Global Excellence Scholarships to non-EU international students commencing their postgraduate studies at the university in September.
  • Business Postgraduate Merit Scholarships at the University of Galway: The University of Galway’s J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics offers eligible international students scholarships for its taught master’s courses. The school considers academic merit to confirm the eligibility of a student for each scholarship and notifies them if they qualify for it.
  • Scholarships for Master’s Programs at Dublin City University: DCU offers an array of scholarships to international students looking to pursue taught master’s and postgraduate research programs.
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MBA Scholarships to Study in Ireland for Nigerian Students

Ireland presents a range of MBA scholarships catering to foreign students, including scholars from Nigeria. These scholarships aim to recognise outstanding candidates pursuing MBA programs, fostering leadership and enhancing cross-cultural exchange. Prospective students may explore diverse scholarship opportunities for MBA degree programs in Ireland as they look to realise their academic and career aspirations.

  • UCD Smurfit Scholarships: With scholarships based on merit, UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School aims to draw the best students from around the world. On the other hand, scholarships based on financial needs at the school make it more affordable for many ambitious students to earn MBA degrees.
  • Masters Programme Reduced Fees at DCU Business School: DCU Business School extends a 10% tuition fee reduction to all outgoing DCU graduates and DCU alumni community members who join part-time or full-time master's programs at the school. The reduction also applies to the DCU Executive MBA.
  • Scholarships at Trinity Business School: Trinity Business School provides substantial scholarship support to a select group of promising candidates. This initiative encourages diversity in terms of gender, location, and industry while also acknowledging professional and academic excellence. Being a recipient of one of these scholarships requires showcasing your potential to serve as a Trinity Business School ambassador in the future.
  • Cork University Business School Dean’s MBA Scholarship: Cork University Business School presents the Dean’s MBA Scholarship, which fully covers tuition fees for a complete two-year term of the program "UCC CUBS Executive MBA". This scholarship covers 100% of the tuition costs for the program, benefiting a single deserving candidate.
Need further assistance in finding partially or fully funded scholarships for Nigerian students? Contact AECC!

PhD Scholarships in Ireland for Nigerian Students

Ireland is a research hub, and there's no shortage of scholarships for PhD enthusiasts here. There are many scholarships in Ireland that extend to international students who are looking to pursue a PhD, including those from Nigeria. These scholarships look to support innovative doctoral research and promote the exchange of knowledge between students from various cultural backgrounds. Here are some of the best options for international students in Ireland:

  • Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Program: Many governmental agencies and departments and the Irish Research Council collaborate to endorse this scholarship program, thus effectively accomplishing common national goals. The maximum scholarship value is €28,000 a year and consists of a stipend, a tuition fee credit, and a contribution to meeting direct research costs.
  • Hardiman PhD Scholarships at the University of Galway: These scholarships for four years of PhD studies include €18,500 as a stipend, besides a fee waiver. They are available to high-achieving people with passion, drive, and an appetite for creativity and research. The scholarships provide opportunities for deserving candidates to pursue Structured PhD qualifications focused on any of the key research areas where the university has leading expertise.
  • Postgraduate Research Studentships at Trinity College Dublin: Every year, a selection of exceptionally qualified candidates qualify for financial grants, which allow them to pursue postgraduate qualifications at the college. These studentships are available to both new joiners in the college's full-time doctoral program and continuing students within a specific academic term. The studentship encompasses a maintenance contribution, along with an exemption from the annual fee.

Eligibility Requirements for Scholarships in Ireland for Nigerian Students

Ireland beckons Nigerian students to be a part of its academic landscape with an array of scholarships. But to qualify for one, meeting the eligibility criteria is a must. We break it down for you here with a table:




Must hold Nigerian nationality with an active passport.

Academic Standards

Typically, a minimum second-class honors or its Nigerian equivalent.

Chosen Programme

Scholarships might be specific to certain fields or courses.

English Proficiency

Meet required IELTS or TOEFL benchmarks set by the chosen institution.

Financial Assessment

Some scholarships weigh the applicant's financial requirements.


Insightful letters from academic or professional referees spotlighting your aptitude.

Dive deep into each scholarship's specifics, as individual offerings may vary. Pro tip: Liaise with an AECC counsellor for the finest details.

Contact AECC Start exploring the available scholarships today and pave the way for an enriching educational journey in Ireland!

How to Apply for Scholarships to Study in Ireland for Nigerian Students?

Following a step-by-step process is important for you when applying for scholarships in Ireland. This approach helps you ensure that you meet all scholarship requirements and follow the application deadline. Applying for scholarships to study in Ireland for Nigerian students typically involves the following steps as well:

  • Researching each scholarship to ensure eligibility
  • Gathering the necessary documents for it, like academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and proof of nationality
  • Writing a compelling motivation letter or essay
  • Paying any necessary application fees
  • Submitting the application before the deadline

By systematically completing each application element, you enhance your chances of standing out and presenting a strong case for receiving an Irish scholarship. Ultimately, a methodical process increases the likelihood of securing financial support for your education and realising your academic aspirations in Ireland.

Isn’t it better to contact experts like AECC so that you get expert advice on application deadlines?

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Accepted for Irish Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Securing scholarships in Ireland requires more than just academic excellence. This section provides some insights into boosting your prospects of qualifying for Irish scholarships. It shares actionable tips on streamlining your scholarship application for higher education in Ireland. By following these guidelines, you can enhance your chances of securing a top scholarship and realising your educational ambitions in Ireland.

  • Start early: When it comes to applying for scholarships, the early applicant gets a competitive edge over the rest.
  • Apply for multiple scholarships: This way, you can pick and choose the option that best fits your personal circumstances and academic goals.
  • Craft a compelling essay: Share a personal statement with your compelling reasons for applying for a scholarship, your academic aspirations, and what makes you worthy of it.
  • Seek recommendations: A good word from a previous professor or employer can go a long way towards securing the right scholarship for you.

In conclusion, scholarships in Ireland offer an exceptional opportunity for students to pursue their academic dreams by alleviating financial burdens. With a diverse range of programs and institutions, these scholarships recognise and nurture talent, fostering a brighter future for both local and international scholars on the Emerald Isle.

Feel free to contact an AECC counsellor for more tips and insights into scholarships in Ireland. Contact us and book your free consultation today!

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How to Apply for Ireland Scholarships?

To apply for an Ireland scholarship, you can directly approach a university or use a go-between, such as a study-abroad expert at AECC. With the help of an AECC counsellor, you can streamline the process without having to bother about missing deadlines or requirements.

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