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Ireland is one of the amazing Islands and a country where more than 4.8 million people reside. It is home to many naturally scenic places, and it has the most amazing things to be proud of. Be it its education system or education policies to arts and entertainment, Ireland has it all. The country owns the most reputed universities, among which eight of them rank top in the QS ranking system and five of them rank in the top global 500. Apart from excelling in education, Ireland is famous for its rich and exuberant history, its hospitality, cuisine, drinks, magical landscapes, incredible architecture, historical monuments, and also enchanting music.

Ireland is one of the top education destinations for international students. Particularly if you want to study in Ireland from Nigeria, it is one of the good decisions to take. Because it is one of the world-class education platforms with a powerful education system, renowned universities, diverse courses, and the teaching of entrepreneurship which all adds value to its distinct education policies. So studying in Ireland as an international student, you have so many advantages. Some of the benefits include access to many number of part-time jobs, affordable cost of living, easy visa process, getting a degree that is internationally acclaimed and finally, studying in your known English Language.

Why do you want to study in Ireland?

With overseas education becoming expensive day by day, it is no wonder international students feel the heat to study abroad. But some countries lessen the financial burden of students by providing affordable education. Ireland is undoubtedly one among many countries that strives to provide affordable education and focus on lessening the extra or unnecessary financial burden for its International students. 

Let us see some of the benefits or advantages for students who seek to study in Ireland.

  • Experience World-class education.
  • Can choose from the pool of part-time jobs.
  • Affordable education and living costs.
  • English is the mainstream language for education.
  • Vast career opportunities
  • Cultural diversity
  • Can experience the structured transportation service of Ireland.
There are many more benefits like safety, career development, research opportunities that International students in Ireland can do and experience.

How is the Education System in Ireland

The Education System in Ireland is divided into four categories - primary (first-level), second-level, third-level and further level education. Also, the education system in Ireland says that it is compulsory for kids aged 6 to 16 to attend school. The schools in Ireland are completely government-funded for all levels of education. If necessary, parents can send their kids to a private school also, but that is not government funded.

Primary education is for students aged 4 to 11 or students aged 6 to 11. 

Secondary education is for students aged 12 to 18. Secondary education in Ireland follows a cycle system where the students have to complete a three-year junior cycle and a two or three-year senior cycle. In the final two years of the three-year senior cycle, students attend one of the three programmes for which they will have to sit in a state-level examination. 

The three programs mentioned above are the Established Leaving Certificate, Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme, and Leaving Certificate Applied Programme. If students complete these five or six years of secondary education, they have obtained the Junior certification by completing the Junior Cycle Examination.

The next is the transition year that follows the Junior certification. During this year, students are free from taking the formal examination. Instead, they are exposed to practical study and are made to have real work experience.

The third level of education is the college study which students aged above 18 attend. The third level of education can be achieved by attending one of the sectors, which are -  the university sector, the technological sector or institute of technology (IoT) and colleges of education. These three institutions provide college education to native Ireland students as well as International students.

Type of College

Total Number Specifications
University 7 Undergraduate and Post-graduate programs on a wide range of courses
Technological Sector/Institutes of Technology 15 Education and Training Study Programs
Colleges of Education 7 Teacher Training Programs

Intakes in Ireland

If you wish to study overseas or abroad, you should particularly know the intakes which are nothing but the application submission period. It is essential because if you miss the intake periods, you have to wait for a longer period of time before again submitting the application. So to help you not miss the intake period, we are mentioning the Intakes in Ireland. It is to be noted that “Intake” is also known as “Semester” in Ireland.

In Ireland, there are primarily two Intakes that happen in a year, unlike in India, where only one Intake happens. The two primary intakes are Autumn Intake and Spring Intake.

  • Autumn Intake - Starts in September and ends in December.
  • Spring Intake - Starts in Late January and ends in May.

Universities in Ireland for International Students

Next, we will see about the universities in Ireland, particularly the top ten universities in Ireland for International students. Along with listing the universities, we have also mentioned their Irish ranks and International ranks.

Irish Rank

Global Rank College/University
1 101 Trinity College Dublin
2 177 University College Dublin
3 238 National University of Ireland, Galway
4 286 University College Cork
5 439 Dublin City University
6 511 University of Limerick
7 701 Maynooth University
8 801 Technological University of Dublin

Cost of Studying in Ireland for International Students

The cost of studying in Ireland for International students varies highly depending upon the study program they choose. Students should not confuse the average cost of living with the study program costs. The cost of living and the cost of a study program should be planned and calculated separately. To study in top education destinations like Ireland, students should plan in advance whether it is preparing for English proficiency courses like IELTS and TOEFL (these scores are not needed to study in Ireland. In case you get the situation to study in the US or the UK then these scores are necessary), doing the financial planning is a must. Let us now see the cost of studying in Ireland for International students as per their study program.

Study Cost in Ireland:


Study Program

Cost of Study Program

Undergraduate Program

EUR 10,000 to 30,000 yearly

Postgraduate or Master’s degree

EUR 10,000 to 35,000 yearly

Doctoral degree

EUR 10,000 to 35,000 yearly

Cost of Living in Ireland:


Accommodation EUR 40 to 60
Food EUR 300 to 400
Travel EUR 70 to 90
Book and Stationery EUR 80
Mobile Phone EUR 30
Personal Expenses EUR 200 to 300

Student Health Insurance Ireland

Health Insurance Ireland varies for European and Non-Europen Students. Students from European countries are eligible for free medical services and aid provided they have an E.109 form with them. To qualify for the E.109 form, students need to get a certification of entitlement from their home country.

Non-European students are not eligible for free medical services or aid from Ireland Health Department. Therefore students need to get their private insurance when applying for a student visa to Ireland.

Scholarships in Ireland for African Students

The Scholarships in Ireland for African students are given on the basis of the marks you have scored in your secondary education. So to either get government-funded (Ireland) scholarships or private universities’ scholarships, you need to have a certain score set by those universities. To avoid all the hassle, you can either directly contact the university or look for information on the particular university’s website. So now, let us see all the scholarships in Ireland for African students provided by both governments of Ireland and the Private universities.
  • Irish Aid Funded Fellowship Training Programme
  • DIT Centenary Scholarship Programme
  • Galway Mayo Institute of Technology Scholarships
  • Claddagh Scholarship Programs
  • Fullbright Scholarships
  • The Walsh Scholarships
  • DCU International Student Scholarships
  • Maynooth University Scholarships
  • UCC Excellence Scholarships
  • UCD Scholarships

Ireland Student Visa Requirement in Nigeria

To travel to Ireland as an International student the basic requirements are to have a valid passport and a valid visa. Other than that, you need to prepare some documents to apply for the Ireland visa and get the visa successfully.

The requirements to get Ireland Student Visa from Nigeria are,
  • A valid passport with 6 months of validity.
  • Correctly filled visa application form.
  • Two passport-size photographs with white background.
  • Proof of having sufficient funds to take care of yourself while staying in Ireland.
  • Having credible travel insurance covering your medical insurance during your stay in Ireland.
  • Proof of Accommodation to stay in Ireland.
  • Photocopy of your return flight ticket.
  • Proof of civil status.
  • Copy of your plan of travel.

Best Course to Study in Ireland for International Students

Ever since Ireland has become one of the top education destinations for international students, there are many trending courses added to the line of the best course to study in Ireland for International students. Some of the courses that have become popular for international students to study in Ireland are Cloud Computing, Data Science, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Business Analytics, Accounting and Finance, Pharmaceuticals and Digital Marketing.

So, it can’t be said that only one course is considered the best course to study in Ireland as there are many. The other factors that should be considered while choosing a course to Study in Ireland are - Interest, Passion, Career Opportunities, Career Advancement, Future Scope, On-site Scope, Salary Benefits, etc.

Some of the trending education streams in Ireland are:

  • Medical, Engineering
  • Business and Management
  • Finance, Law, Banking
  • Cloud technologies and others. 

So while choosing a course, you have to consider so many factors in the way that positive outcomes should be high while you judge the future scope of studying a course.


Best Places to Study in Ireland


After extensive research, we have found that the following are the best student-friendly cities for International students to study in Ireland.

  • Dublin
  • Cork
  • Galway
  • Maynooth
  • Limerick

Thus, we have come to an end of this blog and hope we have covered all the details for you to commence your study in Ireland successfully. AECC Global, one of the best education consultancies, provides free services for all students.


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