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Part-time Jobs in UK for Nigerian Students

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Blog Summary Insights into part-time job opportunities in the UK for Nigerian students are shared, highlighting the benefits and types of jobs available

When studying in any country, most international students opt for part-time work. The reasons range from financial support to gaining experience to simply passing the time. Students can minimise their school loans and learn new skills by working part-time. If you want to study in the United Kingdom, which has one of the top education systems in the world, and also looks for UK international student part-time jobs, this site is for you.

The United Kingdom recently simplified post-study work visa (graduate route visa) requirements for international students. This will allow both international and Nigerian students to work in the UK after finishing their education. The limits on working part-time while on a UK student visa are as follows (Tier 4). This blog will dive further into the part-time jobs in UK.

Rules & Regularization for Part-Time Jobs in UK

Work laws for overseas students are constantly changing; below are summarised the most recent requirements that must be obeyed regarding students working hours in the United Kingdom:

  • Students are authorised to work a maximum of 20 hours per week: Full-time students pursuing a degree or higher can work as well
  • Students enrolled in a Short-Term Studies Abroad programme at an overseas Higher Education Institution in the United Kingdom
  • Students are permitted to work a maximum of 10 hours per week: Full-time students pursuing studies at the undergraduate level.
  • Any course when the learner is a Tier 4 (Child) Student over the age of 16.
  • During their vacations, the students indicated above might work full-time.

Students not allowed to work in the UK:

  • Part-time students pursuing a post-graduate degree or higher.
  • Students enrolled in a publicly financed further education college at any level.
  • Students learning as a private provider at any level
  • Tier 4 (Children) students under the age of 16.

How are Part Time Jobs in UK Beneficial for Students?

Part-time jobs in the United Kingdom can be quite advantageous for overseas students for a variety of reasons. They not only meet your pocket money demands, but they are also useful in a variety of other ways, including:

Financial advantages: Studying in the UK is highly expensive and will undoubtedly burn a hole in your purse. Part-time work while studying will assist you in covering the expense of living in the UK. This includes rent, groceries, books, and other miscellaneous expenses for studying in the UK.

Upskilling: Working part-time will allow you to build valuable abilities such as time management, commercial awareness, initiative, team spirit, management skills, communication skills, and so on that employer's value.

Effective fund allocation: As you begin to make money, you will begin to spend carefully, knowing that you are responsible for your own money.

Work experience: If you work in your industry, you will gain significant experience that will last a lifetime and help you work in a diverse setting after graduation.

Opportunities for networking: While looking for part-time jobs, you will learn how to network, make professional relationships, and develop effective job search tactics that will assist you in launching a successful career.

Types of Part-Time Jobs in UK

There are two options for international students looking for part-time work in the UK. There are both on-campus and off-campus occupations. More information about this is provided below.

On-Campus Jobs

On-campus jobs are one type of part-time job in the UK for international students. On-campus jobs are available within the university campus, as the name implies. These are ideal for students because they can work in a variety of departments in their area. There are employment opportunities that can be availed by students in areas like libraries, computer laboratories, receptions, gyms, cafeterias, and more. Because on-campus jobs are few, many students are unable to obtain them.

Off-Campus Jobs 

Off-campus jobs are the second choice for overseas students looking for part-time work in the UK. Off-campus jobs are reasonably easy to find, but they are not necessarily close by. Office boy, receptionist, waiter/waitress, contact centre maintenance, data entry, and other jobs fall into this category. It is important to avail authorisation from the institution to work off-campus part-time.

  • Student Support officer
  • Sales assistant
  • Pharmacy Deliver Driver
  • Pizza Deliver Driver
  • Veterinary care assistant
  • Personal Assistant
  • Physiotherapy assistant
  • Admission Officer
  • Sports Facilities Worker
  • Gardener
  • Customer Assistant
  • Freelance translator
  • Waitress
  • Receptionist
  • Facilities Assistant
  • Residence Guider
  • Promotional worker
  • Enrollment advisor
  • Finance Assistant
  • Social Media Assistant
  • Newspaper distributor
  • Photographer
  • Personal Tutor
  • Ice Cream scooper
  • Host at a Restaurant
  • Smoothie Maker
  • Bartender
  • Cashier
  • Blogger
  • Graphic designer
  • Software Developer Intern
  • Bookseller
  • Tour Guide
  • Research Assistant
  • Waitress at the university cafeteria
  • Pet caretaker
  • House Cleaner
  • Babysitter
  • Brand Ambassador
  • IT assistant
  • Security guard
  • Fitness instructor

Eligibility Criteria for Part-Time Jobs in UK for International Students 

To study in the UK, international students must get a Tier 4 visa, which also permits them to work part-time, subject to UK student part-time hours.

  • Students must be at least 16 years old to enrol.
  • Students must be full-time students enrolled in university degree programmes.
  • They must hold a Tier 4 visa to work in the UK.

Part-Time Jobs in UK: Permitted Work Hours

Students who are full-time can work 20 hours per week throughout the semester and full-time during university breaks. Students pursuing a degree can only work 10 hours per week while studying full-time.

It is critical to remember that as an international student, you are not permitted to work for yourself, even for a few hours per week. Your company must provide you with a formal contract. Some institutions also have work limits, so be sure to look into those before applying for a job.

Basic Pay for Part-Time Jobs in UK

Job Roles

Pay per hour (Approx.)







Health services


Social Care






Children Contact Supervisor


Customer Service




Best Part Time Job in UK for International Students

Job Title

Average pay



Teaching Assistant




Dog walker


Retail Worker




Research Assistant


Hotel Receptionist




Prep cook


Part-Time Work from Home Jobs in UK

Part-time jobs in the UK offer greater opportunities for international students. There are also many online jobs accessible! Having an online part-time job in the UK can be extremely advantageous, especially if you are enrolled in a difficult programme. To get a job online, all you need is a laptop and a stable internet connection, both of which you will have. There are also various work-from-home opportunities accessible in the UK.

Work from Home Job

Salary per Hour

Private Tutor

30 GBP to 60 GBP

Marketing Researcher

20 GBP to 30 GBP

Data Entry



30 GBP to 80 GBP

Where to Look for Part-Time Jobs in UK?

There are various part-time employment in the UK for overseas students available. To find a part-time work in the UK, you must first create a complete CV that includes your educational qualifications, abilities, and experiences. There are five places to look for part-time work:

  • Local publications advertise part-time job openings- Part-time employment in your area are advertised in local media, and you can apply for them.
  • Search for employment online- You can look for job applications online to see what opportunities are available for students in the UK. Several positions are tailored to your course, region, or requirements. There are also various work-from-home opportunities.
  • Use the assistance of your university's recruitment team- Your institution offers a dedicated recruitment team that links with firms not just for full-time positions, but also for part-time work and internships. To find work, you can easily contact them.
  • Utilize your resources- Several day scholars will already have a part-time work, such as a receptionist or waiter. You might ask your pals if they know of any job openings in their organisation.

How to Boost Your Chances of Finding Part-Time Jobs in UK?

1. Increase your employability

To increase your employability, you should try out several job opportunities to gain experience working for a company in the UK. Part-time job placements can be a fun way to obtain real-world experience. This part-time work could be related to the subject you're taking at a UK university. Volunteering can be an excellent method to obtain hands-on experience on a topic of interest. It could also be any project that you are interested in. Several employers respect a potential employee's entrepreneurial talents.

2. Career Services

Every UK university has a Career Services staff that advises students throughout the year on how to create an effective CV, where to hunt for the ideal positions for you, and how to prepare for an interview. This gives students a wonderful opportunity to obtain pertinent career guidance.

3. Job Hunting resources

In addition to seeking jobs on official job portals, you should use numerous social networking websites to find work. Join professional networks like LinkedIn to publicise your qualifications, accomplishments, and experience. This network can also be utilised to establish contacts with highly qualified professionals. Apply to as many jobs as possible using your university's portal, recruitment websites such as Post Study, one of the platforms specialised international students, or your school's recruitment portal. Graduate Recruitment Fairs are organised on university campuses and in large cities on a regular basis. Companies from all over the world attend these trade shows. You should schedule appointments ahead of time to reserve a seat for yourself.

4. Finding your Graduate Employer

Graduate Schemes - For Graduate Programmes, many organisations hire fresh graduates with little or no experience. These programmes frequently begin with a 3-6 month to a 3-year contract. These initiatives provide fascinating possibilities for students to gain hands-on experience working in the UK. The application process begins with an online test, followed by a phone interview.

If you are still confused about the process, then reach out to aecc, who will guide and assist you through this journey. There are visa experts who can give you insight into the rules, and there are also expert counsellors who will help you in finding the right opportunity for you. Don't delay and get started now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do international students, including Nigerians, opt for part-time work while studying in the UK?
Most international students opt for part-time work while studying for various reasons, ranging from financial support, gaining experience, to simply passing the time. By working part-time, students can minimise their school loans and learn new skills.
What are the recent changes to the post-study work visa in the UK?
The United Kingdom recently simplified post-study work visa (graduate route visa) requirements for international students. This change allows both international and Nigerian students to work in the UK after completing their education.
What are the limits on working part-time while on a UK student visa (Tier 4)?
Full-time students pursuing a degree or higher can work up to 20 hours per week. Students enrolled in a Short-Term Studies Abroad program at an overseas Higher Education Institution in the UK can also work up to 20 hours per week. However, full-time students pursuing studies at the undergraduate level are permitted to work a maximum of 10 hours per week. During their vacations, these students can work full-time.
What are the types of part-time jobs available for international students in the UK?
There are both on-campus and off-campus jobs available. On-campus jobs are within the university campus and include roles in libraries, computer labs, receptions, gyms, cafeterias, etc. Off-campus jobs include roles such as office boy, receptionist, waiter/waitress, contact centre maintenance, data entry, and more.
How much can students expect to earn from various part-time jobs in the UK?
The pay varies based on the job role. For instance: Marketing: £11.50/hour Accountancy: £12/hour Education: £11.34/hour Health services: £10.80/hour Social Care: £9.50/hour Administration: £9/hour Sales: £8.80/hour Server: £9/hour Teaching Assistant: £9.85/hour Tutor: £24.50/hour

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