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UK Scholarship Process

Learn everything you need to know about Scholarships in UK
and get end to end expert guidance from us.
Simplify Your UK Scholarship Process
Learn everything you need to know about Scholarships in UK and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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The UK is renowned for its prestigious universities, captivating student life, and a plethora of job opportunities. The UK's higher education costs less on average than that of some other top study destinations. The UK offers affordable master's degree programs that typically take about a year to finish. Despite this affordability, the UK government offers a variety of financial grants as well, including scholarships. Besides, many UK schools have scholarships for students from particular regions, like Nigeria, to name one. These scholarships in the UK are based on nationality and take factors such as academic performance and/or financial situation into account.

It is also great for Nigerian students to be able to access scholarships as they aspire to study in this historically rich nation. Due to the high number of applicants, there is likely fierce competition for scholarships for Nigerian students in the UK and other foreign citizens. Thus, it is paramount to research before applying for different scholarships. Here, we offer a comprehensive guide on different types of scholarships in the UK, their eligibility requirements, and so forth.



Types of Scholarships in the UK for Nigerian Students

In the UK, scholarships cater to various needs and qualifications. Merit-based scholarships reward high academic achievements, showcasing excellent GPAs, standardised test scores, and athletic prowess. Contrarily, need-based scholarships consider the applicant’s financial situation, emphasising their or their family’s income. Both governmental bodies and private entities provide these types of scholarships in the UK.

  • Government-funded Scholarships: The UK government has a range of scholarships to support both domestic and international students. These scholarships offer financial assistance and opportunities for various academic fields and levels of study. The products primarily aim to enhance access to quality education in the UK while fostering international collaboration and cultivating an adept and diverse workforce. They strive to lure national and international students to pursue further education in the UK, thereby enriching the nation's academic distinction and research progress. Moreover, they hold a crucial role in strengthening the UK's diplomatic connections and nurturing prospective students who can bring positive changes across multiple fields in the country.
  • Non-government Funded Scholarships: Private institutions and generous benefactors in the UK also sponsor numerous scholarships for students. These scholarships in the UK encompass a wide array of disciplines and educational levels. Private institutions and generous benefactors in the UK primarily aim to support students in their higher education journey through scholarships while acknowledging their academic excellence. These products seek to attract, retain, and nurture global talents with financial aid, thus contributing to a competent, erudite, and growing workforce in the UK. Moreover, these scholarships in the UK actively promote diversity and inclusivity within different academic circles.
  • University-funded Scholarships: Specific departments at UK schools offer faculty or department-specific scholarships tailored to students enrolling in distinct courses like arts or science. These scholarships can be both merit- and need-based. Additionally, nationality-specific scholarships are prevalent in UK schools. These grants target students from specific global regions, including Nigeria.

Which Are the Popular Scholarships to Study in the UK for Nigerian Students?


Many scholarships in the UK are popular among foreign nationals, including Nigerian students. These scholarships are available for a range of academic fields and levels and offer financial support and opportunities for education in the UK. These funding options aim to attract bright minds from abroad while contributing to cultural exchange and academic excellence. They help also alleviate the financial burden of Nigerian students in the UK and encourage them to excel in their fields of study.

  • Chevening Scholarships: Chevening represents the UK government's global scholarship initiative in collaboration with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and other entities. It grants comprehensive funding for a year-long master's program in the UK. The number of Chevening Scholarship recipients amounts to 50,000 and counting. Students from many different nations and backgrounds can apply for Chevening Scholarships, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria. The scholarships cover expenses such as tuition, homeward departure, travel, visa application, and UK Chevening events.
  • Commonwealth Scholarships: The Commonwealth Scholarship program targets students from Commonwealth countries who do not have enough money to pay for UK education. It finances postgraduate education in diverse study formats, thus supporting the process of developing future leaders and innovators. It is the major scholarship program in the United Kingdom for supporting British global development aims. It aims to draw exceptional talent to universities in the UK and support sustainable development abroad.

GREAT Scholarships: These are scholarships specifically for students who hail from specific countries and are looking to pursue postgraduate qualifications in the UK. There are many universities that offer GREAT Scholarships in the UK for Nigerian students as well. The scholarship value of £10,000 applies to the tuition fees set for various one-year postgraduate courses at participating universities. The British Council and the UK’s GREAT Britain Campaign fund each GREAT scholarship.

Name of the scholarship


Average scholarship amount (in Pounds)

Chevening Scholarships

Enrollment in a fully-funded one-year master’s degree at a participating university

Varies by the university (covers tuition fees)

Commonwealth Scholarships

Hail from a Commonwealth country like Nigeria

Hold an upper second-class honours degree


GREAT Scholarships

Nationality requirement (Nigerian citizenship)

Enrolment in a one-year taught master’s program at a participating university

Up to £10,000

The above table only includes the main requirements to qualify for the scholarships to study in the UK for Nigerian students. The eligibility requirements vary for each type of scholarship. For instance, some require you to be incapable of studying in the country without a scholarship. Depending on the specific scholarship you are eyeing, you may have to apply for it through a university in the UK or a non-governmental institution.

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UK University Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Several UK universities offer scholarships for international students. Some government scholarship programs are also available through the UK universities that participate in them. However, UK universities also offer their own scholarships for foreign nationals, including those from Nigeria. Here is a table with some of the best scholarships that Nigerian students can also apply for:

University Name

Scholarship Name


Scholarship Value (in Pounds)

Swansea University

International Excellence Scholarships (Rest of the World)

Academic excellence

Up to £6,000

The University of Hull

George W Gray International Scholarship

Enrol in BSc Chemistry or MChem Chemistry

Academic merit requirements


The University of Portsmouth

Vice Chancellor's Global Development Scholarship

Nationality requirement (be a Nigerian citizen)


The University of Strathclyde

Faculty of Engineering International Scholarship

Academic merit requirements

A 10% discount on your yearly tuition fee

Cardiff University

Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship

Nationality requirement (be a Nigerian citizen)

Join a taught undergraduate or postgraduate program


Aberystwyth University

International Accommodation Award

Housing scholarship

Accommodation for free or at a £2,000 discount

The University of Bristol

Think Big Undergraduate Award

Choose university accommodation

Join an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

A tuition fee reduction of up to £13,000 a year

The University of Birmingham

KAPLAN Outstanding Achievement Scholarship

Academic excellence

Enrol in an undergraduate course in the Arts and Law, Medical and Dental Sciences, Life and Environmental Sciences, or Social Sciences


The University of West London

International Ambassador Scholarship

Academic competitiveness

Up to £5,000 and £2,000 off from the first year’s undergraduate and postgraduate tuition fees, respectively

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Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in the UK for Nigerian Students

For undergraduates from Nigeria, the UK opens its doors with several scholarship opportunities. Here are some of the scholarships in the UK. Many other institutions and organisations in the UK also recognise the value of education and cultural exchange. As such, they offer a range of undergraduate scholarships for international students, including Nigerian citizens. These providers focus on supporting academic pursuits and fostering cross-cultural exchanges. Their commitment to empowering international students through financial assistance demonstrates their belief in the transformative power of education.

  • Think Big Undergraduate Award at the University of Bristol
  • KAPLAN Outstanding Achievement Scholarship at the University of Birmingham
  • International Ambassador Scholarship at the University of West London
  • Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship at Cardiff University
  • International Undergraduate Scholarship at the University of Sheffield
  • Nigeria Birmingham Outstanding Achievement Scholarships at the University of Birmingham
  • Marshall Scholarships
  • Chevening Scholarships
  • BAFTA Scholarships at Norwich University of the Arts
  • Sir Ray Tindle Scholarship at the University for the Creative Arts

These scholarships play a crucial role in shaping the future of a teenager pursuing an undergraduate degree in the UK. As a teenager who embarks on higher education pursuits, you often lack the financial capabilities to fully fund your studies. Fully funded scholarships for Nigerian students provide essential relief from the burden of tuition fees, textbooks, and other educational expenses, enabling you to focus on learning and growing.

Please note that the eligibility criteria and application deadlines vary by the specific scholarship. A separate application is not necessary for some scholarships, as their providers have an automatic selection process for them. However, some universities do not automatically approve course applicants for scholarships without separate applications.

Master’s Scholarships to Study in the UK for Nigerian Students

Do you want to pursue a master’s degree in the UK? If so, you may need to avail yourself of a scholarship. There are many scholarship programs offering Nigerian students and other foreign nationals an invaluable chance to pursue master's degrees in the UK. Various institutions and organisations provide scholarships for master's in the UK. Here are some of the best options:

  • Marshall Scholarships
  • Chevening Scholarships
  • Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship at Cardiff University
  • International Ambassador Scholarship at the University of West London
  • International Scholarships at Kingston University
  • Nick Jack Scholarship at the University for the Creative Arts
  • International Postgraduate Scholarships at Arts University Bournemouth
  • Postgraduate Alumni Scholarship at Bath Spa University
  • CB Davidson Fund at the University of Aberdeen
  • Global Masters Scholarships at the University of Birmingham

For aspiring master's program applicants in the UK, scholarships hold immense significance. Pursuing a master's degree often involves a substantial financial commitment, including tuition fees, living expenses, and study materials. Scholarships play a pivotal role in bridging this financial gap, allowing deserving candidates to access higher education opportunities that might otherwise be financially out of reach.

Some of the above scholarships are available for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the UK. They recognise and reward academic excellence, among other things. It is important to remember that the eligibility prerequisites and application deadlines differ for each scholarship. Certain UK university scholarships have an automatic selection process, eliminating the need for a separate application. However, some universities do not automatically consider course applicants for scholarships without separate applications.

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MBA Scholarships to Study in the UK for Nigerian Students

Scholarships for international students pursuing MBA degrees in the UK serve as a gateway to world-class business education. These scholarships for Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs alleviate the financial burden of international talents seeking better business, leadership, and management skills. Beyond financial aid, MBA scholarships often come with additional benefits, such as mentorship opportunities, access to industry events, and internships. These perks contribute to a comprehensive educational experience that extends beyond the classroom, preparing students for leadership roles.

Aspiring MBA candidates from Nigeria can explore scholarships such as the following:

  • The Kingston MBA Scholarship at Kingston University
  • MBA Scholarships at the University of Birmingham
  • MBA Excellence Scholarship at the University of Leeds
  • Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship at Edge Hill University
  • MBA Scholarship at Anglia Ruskin University
  • Sussex MBA Scholarships at the University of Sussex
  • MBA Scholarship at Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Surrey MBA Scholarship at the University of Surrey
  • Full-time MBA Scholarship at Keele University
  • Full-time MBA Scholarships at Aston University

The cost of a one-year-long MBA course is usually more affordable than its two-year counterpart, but a scholarship is perhaps necessary for you to cover it. While scholarships can greatly enhance your MBA experience, it is important to note that one-year MBA programs are intensive and often attract candidates with experience seeking to accelerate their careers. Some individuals have financial support from their employers or personal savings, making scholarships less critical for their decision to pursue a one-year MBA.

Anyhow, receiving a scholarship often serves as recognition of your accomplishments as a student, boosting your confidence and motivation to excel in your MBA studies.

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PhD Scholarships in the UK for Nigerian Students

A UK PhD degree entails comprehensive research, rigorous analysis, and a unique contribution to academia. However, it often comes at a cost. The cost of pursuing a PhD in the UK varies depending on factors like the specific university, program duration, and course type. Tuition fees for international students can range from £15,000 to £25,000 or more per year. Additionally, living expenses, including accommodation, food, transportation, and study materials, contribute to the overall cost. There are different types of funding options available to alleviate the financial burden that comes with pursuing a PhD in the UK. As for scholarships, there are numerous options for a PhD in the UK, including the following:

  • Commonwealth Scholarships for PhD at Kingston University
  • Early-bird Reduction at the University for the Creative Arts
  • CB Davidson Fund at the University of Aberdeen
  • Commonwealth Scholarships for PhD at Northumbria University
  • Alumnus Discount Scheme at Oxford Brookes University
  • Alumni Discounts at Cranfield University
  • The University of Hertfordshire Graduate Scholarship

PhD graduates develop critical thinking, analytical skills, and leadership capabilities, which allow them to land jobs in influential roles in academia, research, and so forth. Without scholarships, not everyone can benefit from such opportunities and possibilities. Beyond financial support, scholarships in the UK for PhD aspirants often provide networking opportunities, mentorship, and access to cutting-edge research facilities. These products attract a diverse and exceptional talent pool from all over the world to the UK. Scholarships played a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of experts and thought leaders as well.

Eligibility Requirements for Scholarships in the UK

n the bustling academic landscapes of the UK, Nigerian students find a promising horizon of opportunities. If you're one such aspirant, it's paramount to be informed about the eligibility criteria to make your dreams come true. Let's break down these requirements:




Must be a Nigerian national with a valid passport.

Academic Achievement

Typically, an upper second-class honors or its equivalent.

Course of Study

Scholarships may be limited to specific courses or disciplines.

English Proficiency

A satisfactory IELTS or TOEFL score, as specified by the institution.

Financial Need

Some scholarships assess the economic needs of the applicant.


Letters from academic or professional referees showcasing your potential.

Keep in mind, while these are general criteria, individual institutions or scholarship programs might have additional specifics. Always contact an AECC counsellor when in doubt. Let your ambitions soar, and with the right guidance and determination, a UK educational experience can be within your grasp

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How to Apply for Scholarships to Study in the UK for Nigerian Students?

Applying for a scholarship in the UK involves a series of steps. These steps guide you through the process of seeking financial assistance to pursue your academic aspirations in the UK:

  • Identify Scholarships: Search for available scholarships from reputable sources. Some of the sources are scholarship search engines, government portals, and study abroad agents. Identify the scholarships that align with your requirements, nationality, and qualifications.
  • Note Down Requirements: List out the eligibility criteria, application deadline, and documentation requirements for each scholarship. Pay attention to any specific instructions, such as essays, recommendation letters, or portfolio submissions.
  • Gather Necessary Documents: Collect the documentation requirements for the scholarship, like academic transcripts, recommendation letters, English test scores, personal statements, and a resume.
  • Choose the Application Route: There are various avenues to apply for UK scholarships. Most scholarships have online application portals. Some universities require you to apply for admission to the program first and then wait for scholarship consideration automatically or through a separate application.
  • Complete the Application Form: Fill out the scholarship application form accurately, with all necessary information. Be sure to follow all the requirements, including those regarding even word limits for essays and other to-be-written components.
  • Submit Application: Review the application thoroughly before you submit it. Once you are certain that all information is accurate and complete, submit your application before the deadline.
  • Accept Scholarship Offer: If you receive an automatic scholarship offer, carefully read and understand the terms and conditions. Follow the instructions to accept the offer and complete any necessary formalities.
Isn’t it better to contact experts like AECC so that you get expert advice on application deadlines? With the right guidance, scholarships for Nigerian students in the UK become a reality, propelling them to achieve their overseas education dreams.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Accepted for UK Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Bagging a scholarship isn’t just about grades. Here are some tips:

Follow these steps to qualify for a UK scholarship for Nigerian students. Remember that each scholarship may have unique criteria, so meticulous research and attention to detail are vital to enhance your chances of securing it. For the best financial aid options in the UK, consider consulting the following steps:

  • Research: Check for UK scholarships available for Nigerian students from reliable sources. Identify scholarships that match your academic field, nationality, and financial situation.
  • Review: Thoroughly go through the requirements for each scholarship, especially the application deadline. Gather essential documents like academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and personal statements.
  • Create: Make a persuasive personal statement highlighting your accomplishments, aspirations, and reasons for deserving the scholarship. Customise your application to meet each scholarship's specific criteria.
  • Maintain: Uphold a strong academic record with commendable grades and engage in extracurricular activities that showcase your abilities.
  • Remember: If necessary, apply well in advance of the scholarship deadline and keep abreast of any additional steps in the application process. Not every scholarship requires submitting a separate application, though.

It pays to apply for multiple scholarships in the UK for a number of reasons. Different scholarships offer varying benefits, such as coverage of tuition fees, living expenses, research funds, or travel grants. Applying to multiple scholarships allows you to explore a range of options and choose the best fit for your needs. However, universities in the UK usually do not approve multiple scholarships to one candidate at a time.

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How to Apply for UK Scholarships?

Research suitable scholarships, prepare necessary documents, and submit applications either directly or through platforms like UCAS.

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