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Part-Time Jobs in Ireland for Nigerian Students

Blog Summary Here you will discover valuable insights into the part-time job market in Ireland and how Nigerian students can tap into these opportunities to support their studies and gain valuable experience.

Part-time Jobs in Ireland for Nigerian Students is the blog topic we are going to discuss. There are many reasons international students need a part-time job. It may be either wanting to get exposed to the working environment for needing an extra income or just to pass their time during holidays and breaks. Anything might be the reason, but a part-time job helps students in many ways, particularly with their financial needs. Without further ado, let us discuss the ways to find part-time jobs and the benefit of working part-time jobs in Ireland. 

Why Should International Students Consider Part-Time Jobs in Ireland?

Ireland, rich in scenic greenish nature and heritage, is one of the top destinations for higher education. Ireland has risen to the standard of providing globalised education to International students because it has a governing body known as the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) that audits the quality of education provided in the country's schools, colleges and universities from time to time. Furthermore, Ireland's higher educational institutions are run by the country's Education and Training Boards (ETBs), which provide a wide range of educational programmes to Irish as well as international students. These educational programmes are designed to cover the needs of every student by allowing them to choose the course study according to their strengths and potential.

Now, apart from studying, the country also provides various options for international students to fund their education. One of them is that the country allows students to work part-time during their study period to manage their expenses. By providing this benefit of working part-time, the country gives students the opportunity to gain real-time skills and experience that might assist them during their employment period.

Eligibility Requirements

To work part-time in Ireland, students need to meet certain eligibility criteria. In addition to having a Student Visa, students must hold the following eligibility to successfully embark on their part-time work expedition.

Visa Type

Part -Time Work

Stamp 2

To get this visa, students need to be enrolled in a full-time study program which is included in the list of eligible study programs.

By holding this visa, students can work up to 20 hours during the semester and up to 40 hours during holidays.

Stamp 2A

Students hold this visa type if they choose a study program that is not in the list of eligible study programs.

By holding this visa, students are not allowed to work part-time in Ireland.

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Part-time Jobs in Ireland for International Students - Rules and Regulations

To successfully get the right to work part-time in Ireland, students must abide by the country's rules and regulations. Let us see them below.

  • The first thumb rule to acquiring a part-time job in Ireland is to register in the GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau).
  • Get accepted to a well-recognized university which is under the Ministry of Education and Skills.
  • Enrolled in a full-time course which is equivalent to NFQ Level 7 or higher.
  • Must be studying the course for a minimum of one year.
  • The schedule of attendance in the college or university must be 8 am to 6 pm per week.
  • Students must get their PPS (Personal Public Services) number. This is the validation of eligibility to receive a salary from the employer.
  • Students must open a bank account with any of the country's banks, as the salary will be sent only to the bank account.

How to Get a Part-time Job in Ireland?

There are many ways through which a student can acquire a part-time job in Ireland. We will brief the ways which will be very helpful for students in landing a part-time job.

  • E-recruitment platforms - It doesn't matter if students don't have a degree certificate yet. Students don't need a degree certificate to work part-time jobs in Ireland. To register in this e-recruitment platform, the above-mentioned eligibility would be sufficient. So, here students have to personalise their job search by choosing the right keywords related to their job search.
  • Understand the requirements and benefits - Before embarking on your part-time work, clearly understand the requirements and benefits of the job. Ensure you finish the legal procedures and also be aware of the benefits of working part-time in Ireland. The minimum hourly wage for international students is Eur 9.80 /hour.
  • On-Campus Vacancies - There are many on-campus vacancies available for international students in Ireland. Make it a daily habit of checking your college/university's website to know the current part-time job vacancies.
  • Visit Career Fairs - Visiting career fairs is one of the great ways to find a part-time job in Ireland. Companies in Ireland are always on the lookout for interns and apprentices to provide part-time and full-time jobs. Make sure visiting career fairs is one of your to-do tasks.
  • Update your Resume - An updated resume will always look polished and impressive to your recruiters. So make sure you include or list all your achievements and accomplishments in your resume and also ensure it is related to your job-search.

Types of Part-time Jobs in Ireland

There are two types of part-time jobs for Nigerian students.

  • On-campus
  • Off-campus

On-campus part-time jobs in Ireland

On-campus part-time jobs are the job opportunities that are available within the campus which can be universities or colleges. To avail one of the job opportunities, students must regularly check their education provider's website to be updated about the job vacancies.

On-campus part-time jobs

  • Research Assistant
  • Teacher Assistant
  • Barista
  • Administration
  • Library Attendant
  • Campus Tour Guide
  • Peer Tutor

Off-campus part-time jobs

Off-campus part-time jobs are the ones that are available outside the campus. These jobs can be applied Online or through any of the Ireland job portals.

Some of the off-campus part-time jobs are:

  • Call-centres
  • Cleaning
  • Tutoring
  • Waiter
  • Secretary
  • Store Assistant
  • Community Support Worker
  • Parking Agent
  • House Help

Why Do a Part-time Job in Ireland?

Working part-time in Ireland has many benefits. It considerably reduces the financial burden of the students and also teaches them to manage their expenses. The job exposes students to a real-world environment helping them to gain necessary social skills and practical skills related to their course study. Following are some of the benefits of doing part-time jobs in Ireland.

  • Additional Income - Studying in a foreign country comes with its own cost. Though part-time jobs' salaries may not be adequate to cover the full tuition fees, they may be useful for other expenses.
  • Develop Skills and Expertise - Though it may not necessarily be the skills related to their study, students have the opportunity to experience a real-time working environment. This opportunity can help them develop real-life skills like communication, leadership, decision-making, problem-solving skills, etc.
  • Work-life balance - This is one of the beneficial advantages students can learn by doing part-time jobs. Learning to balance work and life is essential for everyone, and a part-time job will largely help students learn it.
  • Explore other fields - By working in a part-time job, students can predominantly learn about other fields and professions. This may help them vastly in learning professional skills like time management, critical thinking, analytical skills, etc.

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Part-time job salary in Ireland for International Students 

Job Role

Average Salary Per Hour

Sales Associate

10 EUR


12 EUR

Community Support Worker

12 EUR

Store Assistant

10 EUR


12.76 EUR


This article talks about part-time job options in Ireland for Nigerian students. It explains why these jobs are good, like helping with money problems and giving work experience. It tells students what they need to do to get these jobs, including rules and types of jobs available both inside and outside of school. Ireland is a great place for students from other countries because it has good schools and lets students work part-time. The article also gives tips on how to find jobs and talks about how much money students can expect to make. It ends by suggesting students get help from a study-abroad in Nigeria for more advice.

Students who need precise assistance and guidance for their study abroad venture, can Contact aecc which is one of the promising study-abroad educational consultancies in Nigeria. Students can visit their nearest branches or reach us out through any of our social media handles.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are part-time jobs available while studying in Ireland?
Yes. Part-time jobs in Ireland are available to international students who hold a stamp 2 visa type along with their student visa.
Can I cover my study and living expenses through part-time work in Ireland?
No. With part-time jobs' salaries, students can't afford their study and living expenses while they are in Ireland.
How many hours can a student work in Ireland?
With the Stamp 2 visa type, students can work 20 hours per week during their semesters and 40 hours per week during their semester holidays.
At what age can a student get a part-time job in Ireland?
Irish students are allowed to work part-time from the age of 14. They can work 35 hours per week during their holidays and 40 hours based on their work experience.

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