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What is the Cost of Studying in USA?

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Blog Summary The article provides a comprehensive overview of the expenses Nigerian students can expect when pursuing education in the USA, including tuition fees, living costs, and potential scholarships.

The USA has been attracting international students for a long time now. Several universities in the country are revered all over the world, contributing to the country's popularity. As such, it is quite natural that students tend to look at the cost of studying in the USA. Typically, courses like Arts and Humanities are cheaper while Engineering and Medical courses are more expensive. The tuition cost can vary considerably based on the course, university and area. On average, you will be required to pay USD 8000 to USD 55,000 per year on tuition fees. An MBA degree can cost you around USD 35,000. The cost of studying in the USA for international students can be on the higher end, but you need not worry after seeing the increased amount. You will get aid from scholarships and fellowships of several kinds. They may even cover all of your expenses. You can read further and be learned about everything you need to know about the cost of studying in the USA.

Universities in USA and their Tuition Fees

You need to know explicitly about the cost of studying at American universities. The tuition fees can vary for private and public universities. The same course can have varying amounts of tuition fees as well. You must research well and choose the ones that best suit you. The table below will help you get the average tuition fees of some famous universities. You should remember that the amount can vary.

Name of University


Tuition Fees (in USD)

Tuition Fees (in NGN)

Stanford University

Computer Science

USD 53,529

NGN 2,23,73,516

Harvard University

Social Sciences

USD 51,925

NGN 2,17,03,092


Computer Science

USD 53,790

NGN 2,24,82,606



USD 54,600

NGN 2,28,21,162

Yale University


USD 53,395

NGN 2,23,17,508

Arizona State University


USD 13,000

NGN 54,33,610

University of California, Berkeley

Social Sciences

USD 42,184

NGN 1,76,31,646

University of Virginia

Liberal Arts and Sciences

USD 47,650

NGN 1,99,16,271

Columbia University

English Language & Literature

USD 51,640

NGN 2,15,83,971

Dartmouth College


USD 51,468

NGN 2,15,12,080

English Proficiency Test and their Registration Fees

If you wish to study in the USA, the first step you need to take will be applying for an English Proficiency Test. there are a few tests available. You can choose the one you need. This decision also depends on the university you are applying to; not all universities accept every test score. 

The popular tests and the registration fees are given in the table below: 

Test Name

Registration Fees (in USD)


USD 140 - USD 310


USD 190


USD 185 - USD 275


USD 49

Total Cost of Studying in USA for International Students

The USA is not a cheap country to study in, and you will have to manage your finances well to lead a problem-free life. For that, it is essential to know the likely expenses you will face when you move to the country. The table below provides a breakdown of all the expenses you will come across in the USA.


Amount (in USD)

Amount (in NGN)

Bachelor’s degree tuition fees

USD 24,000 - USD 32,000

NGN 1,00,31,280 - NGN 1,33,75,040

Master’s degree tuition fees

USD 30,000 - USD 35,000

NGN 1,25,39,100 - NGN 1,46,28,950

English Proficiency Test fees 

USD 49 - USD 310

NGN 20,481 - NGN 1,29,571

University application fee

USD 50 - USD 250

NGN 20,899 - NGN 1,04,493

Visa fees

USD 160

NGN 66,875

Health insurance

USD 500 - USD 1000 per year

NGN 2,08,985 - NGN 4,17,970

Living expenses

USD 1000 - USD 3000 per month

NGN 4,17,970 - NGN 12,53,910 per month

Flight tickets

USD 1252 - USD 1254 

NGN 5,23,298 - NGN 5,24,134

Cost of Living in USA

The living cost for international students in the USA can be somewhere around USD 1000 to USD 3000 per month without tuition fees. This can depend on your lifestyle, area of living, spending habits etc. there are ways to save money if needed. For instance, on-campus accommodation is provided by most universities; you can either stay there or can even choose to live in an apartment. Your accommodation costs can range from USD 300 to USD 400 per month. The food and transportation expenses may come to around USD 200 and USD 300 to USD 700 per month, respectively. Utilities, clothing, eating out, shopping etc., are some areas where you can save money. Setting a budget and spending within it is better so you do not face financial difficulties. You will come across scholarships that can even cover your living expenses in the USA. There are also options for part-time work opportunities to earn while you learn. You can read our blog on the cost of living in the USA to know more about the same.

How Much is Visa Fee for USA in Nigeria?

Obtaining a student visa is one of the foremost steps to studying in any country, and the case with the USA is no different. You must apply for a student visa and get it approved to study there. There are three types of student visas in the USA; F1 visa, J1 visa and M1 visa. You should choose the F1 visa to study any full-time academic program. If you are sponsored by an organisation or chosen by your institution for an exchange program, you should apply for the J1 visa. You should take the M1 visa to study all the courses not included in the F1 visa. There are two types of fees for a student visa; the SEVIS fee and the visa application fee.

The SEVIS fee for the three types of visas is:

  • F1: USD 200
  • J1: USD 180
  • M1: USD 200

The visa application fee for the three types of student visas is:

  • F1: USD 160
  • J1: USD 160
  • M1: USD 160

The visa fee can be paid by all the primary payment methods. You should apply for the visa early so there is no time shortage issue. You can read more about the cost of a USA student visa from our blog.

If you need further assistance on the cost of studying in the USA or anything else about studying in the USA in general, you can contact aecc. We have counsellors and professionals skilled at addressing all your queries and helping you apply to your favourite university. You need not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it typically cost for international students to study in the USA?
The cost of studying in the USA for international students can vary significantly based on the course, university, and area. On average, tuition fees range from USD 8,000 to USD 55,000 per year. An MBA degree, for instance, can cost around USD 35,000 per year.
What are the tuition fees for some of the renowned universities in the USA?
Here are some examples: - Stanford University (Computer Science): USD 53,529 - Harvard University (Social Sciences): USD 51,925 - MIT: USD 53,790 - CalTech (Engineering): USD 54,600 - Yale University (Economics): USD 53,395
What are the registration fees for English Proficiency Tests for studying in the USA?
The registration fees for various tests are: - IELTS: USD 140 - USD 310 - TOEFL: USD 190 - PTE: USD 185 - USD 275 - Duolingo: USD 49
What are the living expenses for international students in the USA?
The living cost for international students in the USA can range from USD 1,000 to USD 3,000 per month, excluding tuition fees. This can vary based on lifestyle, area of living, and spending habits. Accommodation costs can range from USD 300 to USD 400 per month, while food and transportation expenses may be around USD 200 and USD 300 to USD 700 per month, respectively.
What are the visa fees for studying in the USA?
There are three types of student visas in the USA: F1, J1, and M1. The SEVIS fee for these visas is: - F1: USD 200 - J1: USD 180 - M1: USD 200 The visa application fee for all three types is USD 160.

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