Simplify Your
USA Scholarship Process

Avail upto 50% Scholarships to Study Abroad.
Simplify Your USA Scholarship Process
Avail of upto 50% Scholarships to Study Abroad.

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Note: An important point to note is that 100% of Scholarships are not awarded to international students. The awarded scholarships offer upto 50% reduction in the cost to study in your desired study destinations. Hence, it is advised that you produce all the necessary documents and academic transcripts to avail of the eligible scholarships.

There are various ways to reduce the cost of education in the USA. Lots of US universities offer programs where students can work as research or teaching assistants. This not only helps them gain experience but also provides financial help. Moreover, there are different types of scholarships in the USA that help cut down on tuition fees.

The USA remains a favourite destination for many international students, with its myriad of scholarship opportunities being a big draw. Especially for Nigerian students, the idea of studying at top institutions in the USA is both appealing and attainable. While the financial aspects of overseas education might appear daunting, scholarships in the USA are designed to alleviate these burdens. This piece sheds light on the various scholarships available, aiming to guide Nigerian students in navigating the path to their dream educational institutions in the USA.

Types of Scholarships in the USA for Nigerian Students

The USA offers a diverse range of scholarships, breaking down barriers for numerous international students. These are grouped based on factors like financial need, personal background, merit, and even unique preferences like being left-handed. Let us break down the categories to make your search easier: Broadly, these scholarships can be categorised into:

  • Government-funded Scholarships: The US government sponsors scholarships that primarily focus on promoting international relations.
  • Non-government Scholarships: Private organisations or benefactors fund scholarships aiming to promote higher education in the USA.
  • University-funded Scholarships: Many US universities also offer scholarships based on merit, talent, and/or their own specific criteria. Read on for a broader category of scholarships available based on such criteria.
  • Scholarships for Certain Specialisations: There are US scholarships tailored to specific fields of study in the USA. Whether you are studying business, healthcare, or any other subject, there are scholarships for international students like you.
  • Scholarships for Student Disabilities: These scholarships are available to students with different types of disabilities that vary in criteria.
  • Scholarships for Existing College Students: University scholarships are not just for new students. If you are already in college, you can find scholarships to support your ongoing education.

Which Are the Popular Scholarships to Study in the USA for Nigerian Students?

The USA offers Nigerian students an extensive list of scholarships tailored to their specific needs. These products are widely recognised for their support in easing the financial burden of education and enabling students to pursue their academic goals. Many Nigerian students aspire to secure them, as they provide opportunities for quality education and cultural enrichment in the USA. Some of these popular scholarships are as follows:

  • The Fulbright Foreign Student Program: The program allows young professionals, artists, and graduate students from other countries to do research and study in the USA. It operates in over 160 countries worldwide, including Nigeria, and around 4,000 international students get Fulbright scholarships every year. American embassies or Fulbright Commissions/Foundations manage the program. Eligibility requirements differ from one nation to another.
  • The United Negro College Fund: Since its establishment, UNCF has assisted over 500,000 students in obtaining their college degrees. UNCF holds the distinction of being the biggest private scholarship provider for minority group members in the nation. Every year, it gives out scholarships worth over $100 million to students studying at more than 1,000 schools, including 37 historically black colleges and universities.
  • Alice Fayemi Olaiya Foundation Award: The University of Central Missouri Alumni Foundation offers the Alice Fayemi Olaiya Foundation Award for graduate students seeking an Industrial Hygiene degree with a GPA of 3.0 or more. It prioritises UCM students from Nigeria, Africa, and the USA. A generous contribution from Richland resident Charles Olaiya facilitates the scholarship.

Government-Funded Scholarships in the USA for International Students

Government-funded scholarships in the USA are available for international students, including Nigerian citizens. These scholarships provide financial support and opportunities for Nigerian students to pursue higher education in various fields. They are designed to promote international education and cultural exchange, enabling Nigerian students to gain valuable knowledge and skills while studying in the United States.

Name of the scholarship


Scholarship value

Mandela Washington Fellowship

Be a Sub-Saharan African national with a J-1 visa

Be 25 to 35 years of age (exceptions apply)

Academic merit

Many benefits, including the chance to take part in a Leadership Institute program at a US university or college and learn from and share your experience with other Fellows

Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program

Scholars from more than 100 countries can apply for individual grants, including those from Nigeria

Grants to deliver university lectures and conduct advanced research in the USA

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

Varies by country

It makes it more affordable to have personalised academic experiences at over 12 higher education providers in the USA.

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USA University Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Numerous prestigious US universities provide scholarships to students from other countries. These scholarships ease the financial challenges of studying in the USA and provide chances for personal and/or academic development. Prospective foreign students should look at these products and the requirements to qualify for them as they look to realise their educational aspirations.

University Name

Scholarship Name


Scholarship Value (in USD)

The University of Alabama

International Student Scholarships

University admission requirements

Non-academic and academic merit

As much as $6,000

Duquesne University

Academic Scholarship

Grade point average and standardised test scores

As much as  $25,000 a year

Concord University

International Students Scholarships

Academic ability

$5,000 to $7,000

Ashland University

Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Academic Scholarships

Academic performance

Between $3,000 and $13,000 a year

Charleston Southern University

Undergraduate student scholarships

Academic merit

Between $10,000 and $12,000 

Duke University

Manning Family Scholarship in Health Care Business Leadership

Daytime MBA participants pursuing healthcare management and policy careers with leadership potential and solid academic credentials who can transform healthcare

Full tuition costs

Sacred Heart University

Trustee Scholarship

Academic merit

Up to $20,000

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Undergraduate Scholarships to Study in the USA for Nigerian Students

There are scholarships for Nigerian students in the USA at the undergraduate level. These scholarships offer financial assistance and enable students from around the world to pursue their bachelor's degrees in various fields. International undergraduate students explore these scholarship opportunities to make their education in the USA more affordable and accessible. For Nigerian undergraduates looking to study in the USA, various options are available, including the following notable mentions: 

  • Merit Awards for Freshman Students at American University: The university offers partial scholarships for Nigerian students in the USA based on academic merit, communication skills in English, volunteerism, community service, and leadership. There is intense competition to qualify for these grants, and the university only offers them to a limited extent. It grants the awards upon admission rather than after enrolment, eliminating the need for a separate application.
  • Financial Aid at Charleston Southern University: There are different types of financial aid options that aim to make it more affordable for students to pursue undergraduate degrees at Charleston Southern University. The value and benefits differ from one option to another. The university mainly considers GPAs to verify one’s eligibility for an award.
  • Presidential Elite Scholarship at the University of Alabama: This is one of the many scholarships for international students pursuing undergraduate degrees at the University of Alabama. The university predominantly considers grade point averages and ACT or SAT scores to confirm one’s eligibility for it. The scholarship covers tuition for eight semesters, on-campus accommodation for the first year of study, and summer research.

Master’s Scholarships to Study in the USA for Nigerian Students

Nigerian students have access to a variety of master's scholarships to study in the USA. These scholarships offer financial support for pursuing postgraduate degrees in diverse fields of study. Aspiring Nigerian master's students may explore these scholarship opportunities, which aim to facilitate postgraduate education and professional development in the United States.

  • Tier One Scholarships at the University of Houston: The university offers Tier One Scholars funds for up to four years of study, which include the initial two years of accommodation and full tuition fees. This is one of the best fully funded scholarships for Nigerian students studying in the USA. Besides the monetary benefits, joining the Tier One Scholar community also means being able to benefit from mentorship and advising.
  • The David and Elizabeth Roderick Scholarship Fund: The David and Elizabeth Roderick Scholarship Fund grants select Master's of Fine Arts (MFA) students tuition scholarships worth $10,000 at the Graduate School of Duke University. The admissions department of the school nominates each candidate, thus removing a separate application requirement. It aims to financially assist in attracting exceptional students to the said program.
  • University of Michigan-Flint General Scholarships: UM-Flint takes pride in offering numerous scholarships to students. Every year, students can apply for scholarships in line with their qualifications and specific criteria. It is essential to recognise that each scholarship has its own application requirements.
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MBA Scholarships to Study in the USA for Nigerian Students

Nigerian students seeking to pursue an MBA degree in the USA have the opportunity to apply for various scholarships. These
USA scholarships for Nigerian students pursuing an MBA provide financial assistance and recognition for academic excellence, leadership potential, and career aspirations. It pays for aspiring Nigerian MBA candidates to explore these scholarship options, which aim to support their advanced business education and contribute to their future success.

  • Duke University Scholarships: The Fuqua School of Business offers a variety of scholarships based on merit for students who exhibit exceptional credentials. The school automatically considers all daytime MBA applicants for its scholarships, eliminating the need for separation applications. Each scholarship covers varying portions of tuition. The Admissions Scholarship Committee uses academic performance, leadership attributes, professional achievements, and so forth to find deserving candidates.
  • Ross School of Business Scholarships: The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business has many MBA scholarships for Nigerian students in the USA. An MBA comes at a cost, and the school aims to make it maximum affordable through its scholarship programs. There are more than 200 scholarships based on merit for the school’s full-time Master of Business (MBA) program.
  • The Paul Merage School of Business Scholarships: The business school at the University of California, Irvine, has many scholarships specifically for MBA aspirants. With these scholarships, MBA students at UCI get top-class business education that allows them to thrive as leaders in the future.
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PhD Scholarships in the USA for Nigerian Students

Nigerian students aiming to pursue a PhD degree have access to a range of scholarships in the USA. These PhD scholarships offer financial support and recognition for outstanding research capabilities, academic achievements, and the potential to make meaningful contributions to their respective fields. Nigerian students aspiring to advance their research and expertise are encouraged to explore these scholarship opportunities, which are designed to foster innovation and scholarly growth during their doctoral studies in the United States.

  • Peace Scholar Dissertation Fellowship: The program from the United States Institute of Peace has non-residential fellowship grants for PhD candidates pursuing doctoral dissertations at participating US universities. One of the best universities that take part in the program is the University of California, San Diego.
  • University of Michigan Rackham Merit Fellowships: The Rackham Graduate School of the University of Michigan offers fellowships that provide support to exceptional international PhD students across various disciplines. Whether you want to pursue or are pursuing a doctoral program at the university, it wants to confirm that you know about the available funding for your education.
  • Duke Graduate School Fellowships: Duke University offers fellowships and financial aid for international PhD candidates in different fields of study. The options include fellowships with full support to deserving students in the academic year, fellowships for summer research, dissertation research travel awards, and teaching fellowships.

Eligibility Requirements for Scholarships in the USA for Nigerian Students

Dreaming of the illustrious campuses of the USA? Here is a table that guides Nigerian scholars through the eligibility labyrinth:




Nigerian citizenship with a valid passport.

Academic Track Record

Outstanding academic performance, typically Upper Second-Class Honors.

Course Relevance

Some scholarships target specific majors or study fields.

English Proficiency

Mandatory IELTS or TOEFL scores that meet university criteria.

Financial Need

Many scholarships weigh the financial need of the applicant.

Recommendation Letters

Strong endorsements from academics or industry professionals are essential.

The USA scholarship ecosystem is vast. Each institution or scholarship foundation may have nuanced requirements. It's pivotal to understand these specifics.

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How to Apply for Scholarships to Study in the USA for Nigerian Students?

The application process for scholarships in the USA generally involves the following steps. Following a step-by-step process when applying for scholarships to study in the USA is essential. This approach helps ensure that you satisfy all requirements, submit complete and accurate applications, and meet deadlines. It maximises your chances of success, improves your application's quality, and demonstrates your commitment to potential scholarship providers. Ultimately, a systematic process increases your likelihood of securing valuable financial support for your higher education in the USA.

  • Research: Understand the types of scholarships you are eligible for. The eligibility requirements are likely to vary by various factors, including nationality and academic merit.
  • Prepare: Gather necessary documents such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and a statement of purpose.
  • Application: Fill out the form and be sure to meet the deadline for the scholarship you apply for.
  • Stay Up-to-Date: Regularly check your application status.

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Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting Accepted for the USA Scholarship for Nigerian Students

Understanding the significance of following effective strategies to enhance your chances of approval for USA scholarships for Nigerian students is crucial. These tips offer valuable insights into optimising your application, showcasing your strengths, and standing out among a sea of applicants. By implementing these strategies, you can significantly improve your prospects of finding scholarships that will support your educational journey in the United States.

  • Maintain an exemplary academic record.
  • Engage in extracurricular activities.
  • Tailor your application to reflect the scholarship’s objectives.
  • Seek recommendations from credible sources.

To sum up, scholarships in the USA present an incredible avenue for students to access quality education and realise their study abroad aspirations. The vast array of options cater to talents from diverse backgrounds while embodying the nation's commitment to academic excellence and inclusivity. Securing these scholarships opens doors to boundless opportunities and a promising future.

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