AECC Global Student Visa Assistance
AECC Global Student Visa Assistance

AECC Global Student Visa Assistance

A Visa (Visitors International Stay Admission) is a legal endorsement on a person’s passport stating that the approval allows a particular person to enter, stay or leave a country for a specific reason. Student Visa is one of the four types of visas that will enable students to legally enter a foreign country to commence their study program. A student visa is a must for those who aspire to study abroad for a particular period. And obtaining the visa is not easy, as it involves so many sub-processes to finalise the application form. Each foreign nation has its visa processing timeline, so students should be aware of the same and start their visa application process at the earliest irrespective of the start date of their study program.
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When to Apply for a Student Visa?

Students can start their visa application routine once they get an official confirmation mail of admission, from the university they have applied for.

Before applying for the student visa, the first thing students should do is update themselves about their university’s course starting date to initiate the visa process beforehand and to complete it in a relaxed way.

The next thing to follow is, to avail the scholarships or bursaries if they need any. To get this process done, students should shortlist the scholarships available for them (based on their merit score) and start applying for them. If any bursary is available for them, then they should apply for it as well. Because scholarship approval takes at least one month.

Then the third thing to be done is, appearing for the English proficiency exam(s), whichever seems comfortable for them. The English proficiency exam score is a must for visa approval.

All these tasks must take 3 or 4 months to complete and hence students are advised to start the visa process once they are done with these routines.

Student Visa Application Process

As we said earlier, students can start their visa application routine once they receive the acceptance letter from the university they have applied for. Once students receive the acceptance letter through email, they can submit the visa application form in two ways. One is Online and the other is Offline.

  1. Online - As everything becomes digital, the visa process can also be done Online. The more convenient of the two because right from filling the form to uploading the necessary documents will be easy. Students can start their visa application by creating a student profile on the visiting country’s embassy and consulate website.
  2. Offline - In the Offline method, students can download the application form, fill in all the details as asked and submit it to the visiting country’s Embassy and Consulate office.

The second step is, students, after successfully submitting the application form and all the supporting documents, need to pay their visa application fee.

After paying the fee, the following steps vary for each country, like the US requires students to fill in the SEVP and I-20 forms, while Canada doesn’t demand filling out such forms. So, to be better aware of the visa application forms of each country, it is advisable for the students to reach the visiting country’s visa information website.

The other common things visa officers expect from the students are,

  • Admission Confirmation letter from the applied university.
  • Proof of funds like bank statements, scholarships, bursaries, etc.
  • A valid passport that covers your stay period with six more months of validity.
  • Score certificate of the English proficiency exam that you attended.
  • Proof of Health Checkups and Police Inspections.

How Does AECC Global Help You in Visa Process?

AECC Global, the professional study abroad consultancy, can make things easier for you in getting you the visa. We know it’s a long and tedious process that needs thoughtful financial and academic preparation to set things in place before you start the process. Thus to ease things for you, we have expert counsellors in the house who can assist you in the process by explaining the procedures precisely and giving you first-hand information on the do’s and don’ts. Furthermore, our counsellors always help you with updated visa laws that eliminate unnecessary errors and help you finish your visa process within your stipulated time.

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