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What is the Cost of Living in New Zealand

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Blog Summary An overview of the cost of living in New Zealand is presented, covering aspects like housing, food, transportation, and other daily expenses.

New Zealand is not an expensive country to live in, and you can expect a tuition fee of around NZD 31,844 to NZD 38,213 per annum. Your monthly expenses can come from around NZD 2707 to NZD 3184, which covers your food, accommodation, utilities and other costs. This amount can vary depending on the city in which you live. For instance, if your university is in Auckland, you can expect higher expenses. On the other hand, the expenses will be lower if you live in Christchurch.

What is the average cost of living in New Zealand? Which are the cheapest places to live in New Zealand? If you need answers to these questions, you can read further and get to know more about the average expenses in New Zealand.

Cost of living in New Zealand for International Students

New Zealand is a student-friendly country with a beautiful landscape. However, you must plan your finances well if you have to lead a stress-free student life there. You can follow a strict budget to cut down your expenses. You will also get help from scholarships which can even cover your travel and living expenses. It will be helpful to have a list of the expenses handy to get a better idea. A few critical factors you must consider are tuition fees, accommodation and commute expenses. You can read through this blog further to know more.


Cost of Living in New Zealand for Family

If you decide to move to New Zealand, you must remember that your airfare can be a bit high. This is because the country is located far away from most other countries. A family of four members may need to spend around NZD 4500 per month to cover all the living expenses. This can again change on the city in which you live. Groceries in New Zealand tend to be expensive as the country is isolated from the rest of the world. Apart from that, New Zealand is a good place for comfortable living.


Cost of Living in New Zealand Per Month

The monthly cost of living in New Zealand is not easy to estimate. It can depend on your lifestyle, the area you live in, your spending habits etc. Nonetheless, it will be helpful to get an expense handbook. The following table will help you with that.

List of Expenses

Average Amount (in NZD)

Average Amount (in NGN)


NZD 1274 - NZD 1513

NGN 3,34,257 - NGN 3,96,963


NZD 366 - NZD 430

NGN 96,034 - NGN 1,12,827


NZD 10 - NZD 20

NGN 2624 - NGN 5247

Food from restaurants

NZD 20 NZD 30

NGN 5247 - NGN 7871


NZD 72 - NZD 135

NGN 18,893 - NGN 35,425

Health insurance

NZD 27 - NZD 92

NGN 7084 - NGN 24,139


NZD 319

NGN 83,700

Electricity & gas

NZD 271 - NZD 287

NGN 71,111 - NGN 75,309


NZD 150 - NZD 250

NGN 39,348 - NGN 65,581

Housekeeping supplies

NZD 159

NGN 41,709

Personal care products & services

NZD 100

NGN 26,232

Cost of Accommodation in New Zealand

The cost of accommodation constitutes the most considerable portion of your total expenses in New Zealand. Most universities provide accommodation to their students; you can take it if you wish. You also have the option to choose off-campus housing. 

The most common types of off-campus housing are given below: 

  • Homestay: You can live with a family and get three meals a day prepared by them. The average cost can be around NZD 110 to NZD 370 per week.
  • Flat: You can either live in a shared flat or alone. The rent per head will obviously be higher if you live alone. You can expect NZD 215 a week on such stays. If you live independently, the rent can be around NZD 215 to NZD 565 per week.
  • Halls of Residence: This is a full-furnished residence with electricity, water, food etc. The weekly cost can be from NZD 300 to NZD 400 per week.


Cost of Transportation in New Zealand

New Zealand has good connectivity with all the roads. You will have monthly passes on trains and buses. You also have the option to buy or rent out a cycle. 

The main modes of transportation and their average expenses are given below: 

  • Taxi: NZD 3.3 per kilometre
  • Ferry: NZD 4.7 - NZD 6.7
  • Train: NZD 4 - NZD 11.5
  • Bus: NZD 4 - NZD 11.5
  • Cycle: NZD 1 per hour


Cost of Food From Restaurants in New Zealand

The fact that New Zealand is an isolated country has added to the increased cost of everything. Dining out can be a bit expensive depending on the restaurant you choose, but it is definitely worth it. The prices of food items vary from one restaurant to another, and it is not easy to fix an amount. A typical breakfast can cost you around NZD 12 to NZD 20, while you may need to spend from NZD 15 to NZD 20 for a decent lunch. The cost of dinner falls somewhere between NZD 30 to NZD 50. If you wish to look for cheaper options, you can choose Korean, Japanese or Chinese restaurants and cuisines. You will also find all the major fast food chains like McDonald's and Burger King.


Cost of Healthcare in New Zealand

Healthcare in New Zealand is a mix of free and paid services. Students under 13 years of age get a free doctor consultation. You have to take an appointment to consult a doctor in most cases. The consultation fee can range from NZD 80 to NZD 120. A lab test can cost around NZD 137, depending on the tests you must take. Depending on the type of surgery, you may have to spend around NZD 47,823. A box of antibiotics can cost around NZD 7. All international students must have health insurance, and the healthcare costs can be lower with an insurance plan.


Cost of Clothing in New Zealand

The price of clothing in New Zealand may seem expensive. You will find popular brands like Zara, H&M etc., and you can choose to buy from them or other pocket-friendly brands. A few expensive brands include David Jones and Barkers. On the other hand, Cotton On and Kmart are a few options you can choose for a budget-friendly shopping experience. If you have a shopping spree, you may spend from NZD 100 to NZD 200. You will have to pay around NZD 110 for a pair of jeans and NZD 60 for a dress.


Cost of Personal Care Products and Services in New Zealand

The cost of personal care products and services depends on the person's spending habits. There are expensive and inexpensive options available, and you can choose the ones that best suit your financial situation. The average monthly spend on personal care products and services can be around NZD 100.


Cost of Living in New Zealand City Wise

You will find a few New Zealand cities more affordable to live in. There are a few smaller cities in the country where almost everything tends to be cheaper. It will be cost-effective for you to settle in these places if your university is located anywhere nearby. 

A few such cities and the average cost of living are given below: 


Average Cost of Living (in NZD)


NZD 2400 - NZD 3000


NZD 1500 - NZD 2500


NZD 2387


NZD 1167 - NZD 1333


NZD 1291


NZD 1490

Palmerston North

NZD 1250 - NZD 1500


Cost of Education in New Zealand for International Students

The New Zealand government follows a flexible education system which allows universities to decide their tuition fees. As such, it is difficult to put forward the tuition fees in the country. The amount differs based on your course, university etc. A rough idea of the average tuition fees for the major programs can be obtained from the table below. Remember that this is not an exact amount and can vary greatly.

Education Level

Average Tuition Fees (in NZD)

Average Tuition Fees (in NGN)


NZD 34,993 - NZD 50,898

NGN 91,93,919 - NGN 1,33,72,734


NZD 32,623 - NZD 39,784

NGN 85,69,053 - NGN 1,04,50,026


NZD 26,000 - NZD 37,000

NGN 68,29,015 - NGN 97,18,214


NZD 31,000 - NZD 50,000

NGN 81,42,801 - NGN 1,31,33,662

Postgraduate Diploma

NZD 30,000 - NZD 40,290

NGN 78,82,260 - NGN 1,05,83,015


NZD 10,342 - NZD 14,319

NGN 27,16,567 - NGN 37,60,859

If you need further assistance on the cost of living in New Zealand or anything else about studying in New Zealand in general, you cancontact aecc. We have counsellors and professionals skilled at addressing all your queries and helping you apply to your favourite university. You need not hesitate to contact us anytime.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average tuition fee and monthly expenses for students in New Zealand?
The average tuition fee in New Zealand ranges from NZD 31,844 to NZD 38,213 per annum. Monthly expenses for students can vary from NZD 2707 to NZD 3184, which includes food, accommodation, utilities, and other costs. These expenses can differ based on the city of residence.
How does the cost of accommodation vary for students in New Zealand?
The cost of accommodation is a significant portion of the total expenses. Options include: Homestay: NZD 110 to NZD 370 per week. Flat (shared): Around NZD 215 per week. Flat (independent): NZD 215 to NZD 565 per week. Halls of Residence: NZD 300 to NZD 400 per week.
What are the average utility costs for students in New Zealand?
Utility costs include: Water: NZD 10 - NZD 20 per month. Electricity: NZD 50 - NZD 200 per month. Mobile communication: NZD 10 - NZD 20 per month. Internet: NZD 40 - NZD 50 per month.
What are the transportation costs in New Zealand?
Transportation costs vary based on the mode: Taxi: NZD 3.3 per kilometre. Ferry: NZD 4.7 - NZD 6.7. Train: NZD 4 - NZD 11.5. Bus: NZD 4 - NZD 11.5. Cycle: NZD 1 per hour.
How much does dining out cost in New Zealand?
Dining out costs vary based on the meal: Breakfast: NZD 12 to NZD 20. Lunch: NZD 15 to NZD 20. Dinner: NZD 30 to NZD 50.

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