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What is the Cost of Living in Australia?

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Blog Summary The article provides a detailed breakdown of living expenses in Australia, including accommodation, transportation, and other essential costs.

Understanding the cost of living in Australia is crucial for anyone planning to move to this vibrant country. Whether you're an international student or a working professional, having a clear picture of living expenses can significantly impact your budgeting and lifestyle choices. Australia is renowned for its high quality of life, but this comes with a variety of costs that can vary widely depending on your location and lifestyle. By comprehensively analyzing the cost of living in Australia, including Australia living expenses and monthly living expenses Australia, you can make informed decisions and better manage your finances. This knowledge is especially vital in 2024, as living costs have seen notable changes, making an updated Australia cost of living comparison essential. With a detailed understanding of these expenses, you can ensure a smoother transition and a more comfortable stay in Australia.

Cost of Living in Australia for International Student 

Australia has a place in the top 10 countries on the Quality of Life Index and Human Development Index, which points directly to the high-income level that the country's people enjoy. As an international student, you have to consider a few costs if you plan to study in Australia. Your tuition fees can amount to the most significant share of your total cost of living, but you will have scholarships in the country to support your finances. Some of these scholarships may even cover your travel and living expenses. Nonetheless, you may expect over AUD 20,000 per year for your costs.


Monthly cost of living in Australia

Australia is one of the ideal places to study abroad for international students, with over seven lakh students studying there. Australia is a bit expensive compared to several other countries, though not as expensive as the USA. You must take care of your expenses and plan well before shifting to the land. Given below is a rough breakdown of the likely expenses you will encounter. Though it can vary, you must frame a mental picture.

Kind of Expense

Average Amount (in AUD)

Average Amount (in NGN)


AUD 860

NGN 2,48,937


AUD 200

NGN 57,899


AUD 210

NGN 60,795

Food from restaurants

AUD 100

NGN 28,954


AUD 200

NGN 57,899

Health insurance

AUD 750

NGN 2,17,275


AUD 300

NGN 86,910

Electricity & gas

AUD 400

NGN 1,15,913


AUD 20

NGN 5796

Housekeeping supplies

AUD 100

NGN 28,954

Personal care products & services

AUD 300

NGN 86,910

Accommodation Cost in Australia

The cost of accommodation accounts to the second-largest share of your expense in Australia. As such, you must plan wisely. Students choose four types of accommodations according to their interests and financial capabilities. They are on-campus accommodations, shared rentals, rental apartments, and guest houses and hostels. The latter tends to be the cheapest of all. The cost of on-campus and off-campus accommodation can vary depending on your place of residence. The average cost of accommodation per week is given below.

  • On-campus accommodation: AUD 158 - AUD 402
  • Guest houses and hostels: AUD 129 - AUD 216
  • Rental apartments: AUD 266 - AUD 633
  • Shared rentals: AUD 137 - AUD 309


Cost of Transportation in Australia

Australia is well-connected, both roadways and airways. It is not easy to estimate travel costs as they can vary considerably depending on the mode of transportation. You can choose to travel by train, bus, taxi etc. You will get monthly passes for the train, and it can help reduce the price.

  • Taxi (1 km): AUD 3
  • Local transport: AUD 4
  • Monthly pass: AUD 90 - AUD 220
  • Local transport (one-way): AUD 3
  • Train: AUD 8
  • Tram: AUD 4
  • Metro: AUD 3.5
  • Bus: AUD 7


Cost of Food From Restaurants in Australia

You may spend around AUD 250 per month on food from restaurants. Eating out can be cheap or expensive, depending on where you eat from. You can choose to dine in high-end restaurants to budget-friendly ones. If you choose McDonald's, you may spend around AUD 8 to AUD 10. At the same time, a regular meal in Australia costs somewhere around AUD 15 to AUD 20. The same meal can cost AUD 40 if you choose a posh restaurant. This cost can be even higher if you reside in Melbourne or Sydney.


Cost of Healthcare in Australia

All international students must have the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) to study in Australia. The health-related expenses can be high if you are not covered under health coverage. A general doctor consultation can cost around AUD 72, while you can expect around AUD 187 for specialist doctor consultation. A normal surgery can cost around AUD 23,007 and AUD 28,759. Your health insurance can cost you AUD 750 per year.


Cost of Clothing in Australia

The amount spend on clothing depends on a person's shopping habits. If you are a shopaholic, your expenses can be on the higher end. However, if you are not a spendthrift, your clothing expenses can be around AUD 26 monthly. A pair of jeans can cost AUD 72, for instance. You can look for sales and opt for off-season shopping if you wish to buy clothes and save money simultaneously.


Cost of Personal Care Products and Services in Australia

Australia is a land full of beauty-focused people, and the cost of the same is typically higher than in several other countries. It is estimated that the average money spent on personal care products and services in Australia is AUD 300 per month. This can be dependent on your spending habits as well. Your place of residence has a significant impact on this amount. For instance, you may have to spend AUD 195 for a haircut in Perth, whereas the same can cost you AUD 111 in Darwin.


Cost of Living in Australia Cities Wise

It is essential to know about the most affordable and student-friendly cities in Australia to make a wise decision based on them. As mentioned above, Sydney and Melbourne can be your last option if you look for pocket-friendly living in Australia. There are places like Canberra and Perth, which are less expensive and has some of the best universities to study at. The following table will help you understand better.

Affordable Cities

Average Cost of Living (per month)


AUD 2500 - AUD 3000


AUD 1390 - AUD 1436


AUD 2700 - AUD 3500


AUD 1342 - AUD 3000


AUD 1440 - AUD 2500


AUD 2000 - AUD 3500

Gold Coast

AUD 2300 - AUD 3000


Cost of Education in Australia

Overseas education in Australia can be a bit expensive. The tuition fees can vary depending on your university and course. You will get help from scholarships and fellowships to afford to study in Australia. The average tuition cost of different study programs in Australia is given below.

Education Level

Average Tuition Fees (in AUD)

Average Tuition Fees (in NGN)


AUD 20,000 - AUD 45,000

NGN 59,32,959 - NGN 1,33,49,158 


AUD 20,000

NGN 59,32,959


AUD 40,000 - AUD 1,06,000

NGN 1,18,69,152 - NGN 2,86,84,766


AUD 60,000

NGN 1,78,04,239

Postgraduate Diploma

AUD 5735 - AUD 31,537

NGN 17,02,106 - NGN 93,59,949


AUD 30,000 - AUD 60,000

NGN 89,03,567 - NGN 1,78,04,239

If you need further assistance on the cost of living in Australia or anything else about studying in Australia in general, you can contact aecc. We have counsellors and professionals skilled at addressing all your queries and helping you apply to your favourite university. You need not hesitate to contact us anytime.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Australia a popular study destination for international students?
Australia is a popular study abroad destination due to its high-quality education system. With more than seven universities in the top 100 globally, Australia offers a superior quality of education. The country also boasts a beautiful landscape and is technologically advanced and innovative. Additionally, the tuition fees and cost of living in Australia are generally cheaper than in the USA.
What is the average monthly cost of living for students in Australia?
The average monthly cost of living for students in Australia ranges from AUD 1400 to AUD 2500. This amount can vary significantly based on the location of stay and the chosen university.
How does the cost of accommodation vary for students in Australia?
The cost of accommodation for students in Australia varies based on the type of accommodation: On-campus accommodation: AUD 158 - AUD 402 per week Guest houses and hostels: AUD 129 - AUD 216 per week Rental apartments: AUD 266 - AUD 633 per week Shared rentals: AUD 137 - AUD 309 per week
What are the average utility costs in Australia?
The average utility costs in Australia are as follows: Electricity: Around AUD 152 per month Gas: Around AUD 86 per month Water: Around AUD 106 per month
Which are the most affordable cities in Australia for students?
Some of the most affordable cities in Australia for students include: Perth: AUD 2500 - AUD 3000 per month Hobart: AUD 1390 - AUD 1436 per month Canberra: AUD 2700 - AUD 3500 per month Brisbane: AUD 1342 - AUD 3000 per month Darwin: AUD 1440 - AUD 2500 per month Adelaide: AUD 2000 - AUD 3500 per month Gold Coast: AUD 2300 - AUD 3000 per month

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